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Well at least the fakery of the right pretending they care about their voters and are working for them has to be busted with this awful tax cut for the rich bill masked as a health are bill, right? Sadly that’s probably not going to be the case…

There seems to be a class of voters in this state that WANT to be lied to. They buy into these empty promises and even echo them endlessly like parrots. It’s some of the same voices commenting here. In an article that details JUST HOW MUCH this sham bill would hurt our state…they him in pretending that it’s a good thing, and ‘about time’, and what we need to do to get america great again sure…even if people die, even if families go bankrupt. They want to believe that just voting for people that undercut people as long as it’s not them, will help this country as if there is no reaction to those acts.

There’s a great stat that showed one of the best positives from ACA…the rate of family bankruptcies before and after ACA. Of course when families can afford basic care they take care of their families and aren’t forced to choose between medicine and rent or even food. Personal bankruptcies are much more onerous that the kind that Trump exploited repeatedly, but from 210 to 2016 personal bankruptcies were down by half (1.5 million to just over 700K).

Matt begins, ‘the fakery of the right pretending they care about their voters…’ and I’ll call out that hypocrisy. Dylan Ratigan said yesterday that Obama, ‘instead of detaching healthcare from jobs, instead of completely reforming the private healthcare insurance industry if not eliminating it all together, simply decided to mandate everyone in the country to buy healthcare insurance from a government ordained private healthcare industry.’ The ACA has always has been more about giving more money to insurance companies and rich people than about covering the people. Gov’t sponsored corporate socialism at its worst. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jIOZ-DSrQU

Your bankruptcy note is designed to mislead. Bloomberg – "Did medical bills single-handedly account for more bankruptcies than anything else? No. This is an exaggerated half-remembering of a series of studies, authored by (among others) Elizabeth Warren, that were themselves exorbitant exaggerations." You remind me Ted Cruz and his bogus climate change arguments. You can’t cherry pick the data and time period.

Ah – so it’s obamas fault that a universal system wasn’t passed even though a universal system couldn’t have been passed since the half step too one was barely passed. this is the usual fake progressive hindsight…and more of your magic beans. If you were Obama, and had magic beans, you could have done it…but since you were and he didn’t – it’s more smoke blown up your own tailpipe….just for something to ‘beeotch’ about in your continual screed against whatever buzz word your re using this week….a universal would have been great – but it was DOA every day in 2009.

And the fact that you claim that as proving something is wrong with my statement about the right is even dumber – since the right would have done the exact opposite always. It’s like standing behind and yelling at a fire fighter trying to dose the fire while standing in front of the arsonist to protect him from any criticism.

ACA wasn’t more about giving gifts to the insurance companies precisely because it did work at getting up to 30 million onto insurance, it taxed both those companies, cleaned medicare, saved money and slowed premiums growth …and cost less and gave better choices to consumer. it had plenty of compromise in it to make it work and to get it passed…but if the insurance industry loved it so much why have they lobbied against it since to get back to the right feeding them large bundles of cash and gratuities instead of the small one you claim ACA gave them?

I never said more medical bankruptcies accounted for more bankruptcies of any sort – but they do at a clip of 62% over all in the last 15 years. In fact some change in personal bankruptcy laws to make it harder for normal people to go bankrupt while protecting companies and rich folk were also a factor in over bankruptcy declines per ACA too. And I didn’t suggest that all bankruptcies due to medical conditions meant that people were always uninsured. In fact – under insurance, or the high deductible/high preimium combo that the right has pushed since the late 90’s exactly is part of that…when your premiums are $800 per moth with a 13K deductible mean that you are 26K in before getting a cent of coverage…and if you’re not making bank that’s an impossible formula when an illness hits home.

And you showed your fake newsery by not reading the Bloomberg article – I did when it came out and again today earlier when looking it up…it doesn’t say what you hoped it did. It correlates that it’s not all medical bills and posulates (since it is just an op ed) that the X factor in most cases is medical bills + X. With X being a variable factor…job loss, significant other outside expense (major home expense, tuition) and other various factors. Like a dope you assume that medical expense bankruptcy must have meant medical bills only…eh…now that wasn’t smart was it Tiny Dancer?