5 Awesome beaches in costa ballena costa rica (dominical – uvita) gas vs electric water heater savings


The little brother of Playa Dominical, Playa Dominicalito, lies 3.5 km (2.2 mi) south of Dominical. It is a small beach and nicely set in a bay, which makes it excellent for swimming. It is also a good beach for your first surf lessons. gas welder job description Thinking of having some fresh fish for dinner that evening? You might be able to buy some, straight from the local fishermen who have their little boats on the south side of Playa Dominicalito. For the day itself you will need to bring your food & drinks because there are no stores or restaurants on this beach. electricity orlando Also Playa Dominicalito is directly accessible from the main coastal highway #34. #3 Playa Uvita

Playa Uvita is part of the Marino Ballena National Park, which is known for its dolphins & whale watching tours. However, Playa Uvita is also great for just having a beach day. The beach is gorgeous and during low tide you can walk all the way to end of the famous ‘whales tale’ (a process called sedimentation created a sand bridge between Uvita Bay and the mainland which together looks like a giant whales tale). It is a safe place to swim and snorkel; on a ‘clear water day’ you might spot some colorful fish. There is even some coral around. gas efficient suv 2010 Since you will enter a national park you will have to pay an entrance fee; it is USD 6,- per adult (nationals pay CRC 1000.00), children under 11 years old are free, parking will cost about USD 4,- a day. To go to Playa Uvita you will have to drive to the main entrance of Marino Ballena National Park which is located in Uvita; just follow the signs to the national park. gasbuddy app More information

The little beach of Playa Ventanas is a magical place. It is set in a small scenic bay surrounded by tropical jungle where wildlife is still abundant. You might spot monkeys and even scarlet macaws. electricity trading hedge funds It is an excellent place to swim. The beach got his name – ventanas means windows – from the caves that you will find on the beach and which you can access during low tide. gas city indiana police department During high tide the caves burst out water spectacularly! There is sign at the entrance on the main coastal highway #34. The entrance is 1 km (0.62 mi) from the gas station (ocean side). You will need to pay a small fee for parking. Bring your food & drinks because there are no stores or restaurants at Playa Ventanas. #5 Playa Matapalo

The last beach in our selection is for those who want the ‘being stranded on a deserted tropical island experience’. electricity 101 powerpoint The huge stretched-out beach of Matapalo is gorgeous and you can walk for miles and miles without seeing another soul. It is an unspoiled beach where capuchin monkeys and both types of sloths are easily to spot. 4 gases in the atmosphere It is perfectly suited for sunbathing and when it gets too hot, you can just hang your hammock between the palm trees. Playa Matapalo has a mini-market and some bar restaurants, surfboard rental is also available at this beach. Playa Matapalo is easily accessible; just drive to Matapalo (the one in between Quepos and Dominical) and follow the signs to Playa Matapalo to go the beachside of Matapalo. Insiders tip! If you want to be completely by yourself: drive the beach road west for a while and stop somewhere you like it!