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I love lists. And I especially big-puffy-pink-heart loved Catherine Crawford’s recent list-laden post on Cafe Mom: “5 Terrible Things I Let My Kids Do.” In it, she admits that she has allowed her kids to swear and permanently dye hair, as well as jump on the bed, polish nails and eat whipped cream straight from the canister.

For me, this is the post’s appeal. I’ve never been one to get in trouble. In fact, I’m sort of a goody-two-shoes. But although I’m not a rule breaker, I have an unconventional, rebellious streak that makes me adverse to doing things like everyone else. I’d rather be free-spirited and intuitive with my kids, even if it produces undesirable consequences, for instance, a big mess or occasionally raised eyebrows.

1). Eat off the floor like a dog. My 2-year-old Ryan is a curious mess-maker who, on numerous occasions, has rifled through the pantry, grabbed a box of crackers and spilled the contents on the floor. Often, his reaction is to sit on the floor, which may or may not be clean, and eat his snack. And I let him. Germs, scherms.

2). I take my kids to the ice-cream parlor for dinner. Not every night, of course. But every so often, especially on those hot summer evenings when daddy is working late and this tired, milkshake-loving mama wants ice-cream for dinner. I make the whole dessert-for-dinner sound like a big fabulous kiddo treat but, really, I’m doing it mostly for me.

3). I allow my kids paint trees. Specifically, we have a gorgeous Mulberry tree–lovingly nicknamed Mrs. Tree–in our backyard that my 5-year-old Zoe loves to climb. One afternoon, we were painting outside when she asked if she could paint Mrs. Tree. “Sure,” I said, without hesitation. “Why not?” Not only does our tree have color stripes on its bark, but I also let Zoe and her friends “decorate” it with baskets, fake flowers, ribbons and plastic tools. I have no idea if the neighbors think it’s an eyesore but, then again, it matters little. (Side note: My kids address a tree as “Mrs.” despite mama wishing the prefix was banned).

4). I encourage my kids to play with food and ruin toys. I prefer to think of it as creative experimentation. Inspired by the Ivy & Bean books, Zoe likes to make “potions” from pantry items including rice, noodles and bread pieces. She’ll often empty out my spice shelf mixing water with poultry seasonings, red pepper flakes, sea salt, basil, rosemary leaves, cumin, cinnamon, lemon and lime juices and tobasco and soy sauces. The other day, she decided to add a Polly Pocket into the potion, but not before beheading deconstructing the plastic figurine. During the process she lost its head and cried but, hey, lesson learned: Life is tough.

5). I let my kids slop in mud like pigs. If we have no where important to be and a tempting dirt pool beckons, I’m fine with my kids getting down and dirty, creating mud brownies and mud rivers or becoming mud monsters. Yes, I hate hate HATE the mess. But the unbridled joy and imaginative play make it worth it.

I don’t really LET my DD do this, but she digs into the side of her carseat and will find previously lost snacks and pop them right in her mouth like nothing…I will cringe and say OH NO, DON’T DO THAT and she just laughs at me. What is amusing is, she only does this with things she recognizes, so I don’t worry about non food items making their way in her mouth…YUCK!

The other thing (and my mother and husband HATE this) that I not only let her do, but I ASK her to do it (it really is not out of meaness and she only does it with me, she’s 2) is she will chant a little song from the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. It says “Four Eyes, Four Eyes…You need glasses to see” Both me and my husband wear glasses and after seeing this movie, she was sitting on my lap and suddenly looked at me as if she had never noticed me before. She said “Oh mommy, you have glasses” and proceded to sing the song. It was really cute and I have never heard her do this with anybody else. This is the one really bad thing that I let her do and my husband is so scared she will do it at school!