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You may not realize it, but Google Play is different in each country. Not all apps are available everywhere. Some games, movies, and music are delivered in different versions to people in different countries. Additionally, the release dates of games and entertainment can sometimes be delayed, or slated in a lot of places.

If you live abroad, or in a country that bans anything interesting, you’re stuck with the lousy local library. Perhaps it is in the wrong language for you, or has limited content that is approved by your government, which you object to having to settle with. Thankfully, there is a solution – a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Google Play uses two methods to assign you to a regional library. Firstly, it checks the country of your payment source in Google Wallet. As such, if you travel abroad on vacation, you can still download from the library intended for your home market. However, if you haven’t set up a Google Wallet account, the Google Play system checks your IP address and works out which country you are in. That is the country library it allows you to access. Annoyingly, the system logs the first location you access Google Play from and records it. That is your official Google Play country for the rest of time. Thus, if you decided to access the system for the first time while you were on vacation, Google Play will still allocate you that foreign library when you return home.

If you are one of the millions of Google Play users who haven’t set up a Google Wallet account, you can switch locations easily by using a VPN. A VPN can make it seem that you are in another country. You can then access a different entertainment library.

Getting into a different region with Google Play isn’t just a case of installing a VPN and turning it on. This solution is appropriate for those who don’t have a Google Wallet account set up. Those who do should read the next section as well.

You’ll now be back into Google Play, but in a different country. Google Play will prompt you to allow it to back up your data to Google Drive. The second screen that appears before you can select apps will ask you to add payment account details. Be very careful about what you select in this screen. If you never intend to pay, tap on the No thanks button to continue through to the store. Google Play Payments

Don’t enter payment details unless you have a bank account in the country you want to access the Google Play library for. If you have a bank account there, you don’t need to remove your Google account details in order to switch. You can just amend your payment information:

The reappearance of the terms of service statement is a good sign. This confirms that Google Play has allocated you to a new country. Don’t worry if you don’t see the new library immediately – it can sometimes take a few hours for the reassignment to take place.

If you’re looking for a VPN to use with your other Google devices and platforms, we recommend checking out our VPNs for Chrome, VPNs for Chromebooks or VPNs for Chromecast guides. Alternatively if you’re serious about your privacy, take a look at our best 5 VPNs for Chromium. VPN for Google Play: Conclusion

If you don’t have a bank account in the country that you want to get apps for, you won’t be able to pay for apps that are presented in the library for that country. Unfortunately, there is no way around the bank account address check that Google uses to discern your location. The only way to get into the Google Play service for another country, if you don’t have a bank account there, is to use a VPN and forget about registering a payment method.

The VPN trick to switch Google Play locations is quick and simple. However, you have to make sure that the VPN you choose has a server located in the country you want to select apps from. The US library is the most popular, and all of the VPNs on our list have servers there. Take a look through the server location lists of each of the VPN services in our recommendations and prioritize those that have servers in the country that you want to access. This will get you the right content and help you escape the restrictions imposed on people who live in your location.