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A VPN free trial is a fantastic way to see if the VPN you want to use is blacklisted when using a particular service. No one wants to have to input their card details just to make sure the restricted service of their choice can actually be unblocked by the VPN.

Free trials are pretty vital nowadays because VPN services are quickly being blocked out by media services. Nobody ever considered the extent to which Netflix would go just to block VPN services. Under pressure from copyright holders, expect similar services to adopt a similar approach if they haven’t already.

It is important to note that whilst many VPNs offer a money back guarantee, they are not truly free trials and will require you to provide credit card details before you can trial the service. VPNs with a free trial are quite rare for premium services, and providers that have one should be applauded for their customer-centric approach.

Money back guarantees are the next best thing and it is understandable that most VPN services go for this option, as it can be quite easy to take advantage of free trials. NordVPN and CactusVPN are examples of services that provide not only a free trial, but substantial money back guarantees also.

To take full advantage of a money back guarantee all that you need to do is sign up for the service as a new customer – inputting card details where required – and remembering to cancel your subscription within the first 30-days’ (or however the money back guarantee lasts for). This means you have access to the full features of the VPN service, like any regular paying customer.

If you are against handing over your card details to trial a VPN, you can look for Bitcoin VPNs, that allow you to pay with cryptocurrency. Or, you could look for a free vpn service, but these often come with severe limitations. Can I cancel my VPN Money Back Guarantee so it’s actually a free trial?

You should always bear in mind the small print. For example, PureVPN is one to avoid because the seven-day money-back guarantee is virtually worthless, and there’s an increasing stack of comments on our PureVPN review page claiming that they can’t reclaim their money from the hopelessly unhelpful customer support.

Others, such as VikingVPN, will give you your money-back if you let them try and solve your problem first. BufferedVPN will give you your money back for 30-days, but only as long as you haven’t used it for more than 10 hours in total. ExpressVPN is the best VPN with a money-back guarantee because there is no small print!

To be fair, reputable VPNs that claim to have a money back guarantee do stick to their promise, so you shouldn’t have any problems. However, it is worth checking each VPNs individual reviews here at BestVPN.com because there is information about the money back guarantee contained within them. The Tricky Subject of Free VPNs

There are many free services out there, but, many of those providers collect and sell your data. That is how free VPNs create an income stream. Sadly, it means that they are not truly protecting you. Some other big VPN providers offer free plans as well, but they are often unusable for the everyday. Speed or data restrictions mean they can only be used for highly limited purposes.

If you want to use a free VPN, it is vital that you read the privacy policies. VPNs often sneak nefarious things in as no one really reads them. As a general rule stay away from them, and stick to recommended services like the ones in this article or on our best vpn services guide. Conclusion

Free trial VPNs are a rare beast. When a VPN provider offers a free trial service, they open themselves up to abuse. Thankfully, the VPNs featured on this list understand the need for users to try a service before they part with their hard-earned cash.

The usability of VPNs is constantly changing, especially with firms fighting back against VPNs ability to bypass geo-restrictions. The option to try a VPN service unrestricted for free is useful. However, in reality, it remains a rarity. The ability to use a VPN service to make sure it does what you wish – without having to part with any money – is certainly a boon to customers.