5- Futuristic house design concepts p gasol


One of the breakthroughs and futuristic invention ideas in home designing is Zero house. gas jewelry It is one of the largest residence building companies in the US. The concept of this zero house is it is planned and has maintained to result in zero electricity. Yes, it’s true. You must have heard many houses claiming for the same and consuming zero energy in the house but this one is definitely keeping its word. This is the first time such home has rightly made available in recent times. But the question is how do they prepare it?

Zero houses are made keeping in mind all the additional insulation like solar panels, dual pane window and upgraded energy efficient systems which save on the electricity. electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition pdf These houses are energy skilled than the other houses which have to get energy star certified. Some of the other advantages of this houses are this is made with sustainable materials which makes it even more special and environment-friendly. All the recycled materials have been used to create this house. So the futuristic home is here and the company is also planning to make more houses in the future. 2. Monolithic Dome Homes

This futuristic technology concept is definitely one of the best design homes and one step ahead. Monolithic dome homes are specially designed in such a way that they make you think that they are not man-made, usual or something which is not from our planet. This dome-shaped home is very strong, rough and tough. According to the federal emergency agency, the house gives you the protection from tornadoes, resistance to fire and earthquake.

One of the house samples survived in the famous hurricane in Florida which was directly hit from this dome house. You don’t have to worry about a natural disaster, any calamities if you stay in this house. gas station jokes And this is enough, the house is also energy efficient and its consumption can be reduced to 60 to 70 percent. Not a whiff of air can pass through the house when it is completely locked as the interiors are made with concrete case and insulating polyurethane foam protects the house from the outside. Who will not want these houses to be an actual futuristic house? 3. Ome house, Dubai

Many of you must have heard about the floating island, but this concept of futuristic homes is based on the idea of an entire house floating on a sea. Interesting, right? What’s more interesting than partying in the house which is simply floating on the island. The house is made in two decks like the way they call it to refer the floor in the ship. The first or the lower deck consist of living rooms and apartments measuring around 1400 sm, and the upper floor or deck also have bedrooms and some nice space to relax with some interesting attractions like swimming pool, dining area, bar, and lounge. la t gastrobar opiniones Outside there is a garden and they have not left the opportunity to include greenery as many foliages make this house a well planned futuristic home. The house is equipped to utilize its own waste and use renewable energy out of it to help energy requirements. What more can you ask for in futuristic house design concepts? 4. The safe house

As the name says, the idea of a “Safehouse” is to meet the maximum security and provide with the same to the residents. It is built just outside Warsaw, Poland by Robert Konieczny which is well equipped with all the security facilities. gas density While people install security cameras and alarms, this house itself has all these facilities. Safehouse is designed in a cone and cube shape. It has a courtyard in front, a background, and a garden which you can only access through the house only. The courtyard is made for the visitor to sit and relax to get inside the house.

Inside the house, they have used the designer installed moveable walls made with steel frames and thick covers. The two walls automatically slide forwards and it closes with the wall surrounding the property. gas south The windows are made huge with shatters to allow the natural come in when needed. The white aluminum interiors allow you to use it as a movie projector to view the movie on it. At night when you close this house, the sliding door closes to maintain the warmth of the house which builds up during the day through solar energy. This smart house just made right with full planning and security. 5. Garden bridge, London