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So maybe it’s the brain then that makes you who you are? Here is a thought experiment that is influenced by John Locke and Sydney Shoemaker (and maybe the movie Freaky Friday). Let’s pretend that you and Justin Bieber are both in the same hospital getting brain surgery. Both you and the Biebs are receiving the same new surgical technology which requires that the brain be removed from your body. With perfect precision, both brains are operated on and placed back in their bodies. But there has been a clerical mistake and your brain has been placed into Justin Bieber’s body and your body gets his brain.

Nobody realizes what has happened until you both wake up. lafayette la gas prices You are surrounded by unfamiliar family members, don’t recognize your own hands and are super confused about how you got all these tattoos. Running out into the hall, you find your family members asking for selfies because they don’t recognize you–it’s Justin Bieber. Then everyone starts freaking out. You are desperately trying to convince them that it’s you which freaks them out because you know things about them that Bieber couldn’t know.

Let’s change the outcome of the brain surgery and say it was successful: each brain put back into the correct body. Instead an evil scientist enters the rooms while you and Justin Bieber are recovering. He has a machine that is able to copy the contents of your brain onto a computer memory stick. electricity outage houston All of your memories, thoughts, likes and dislikes can be saved off perfectly. He saves the information from your brain and Justin Bieber’s brain. electricity cost per kwh south africa Next, he erases both of your brains and then proceeds to copy Justin’s brain data to your brain and vise versa.

It seems that what makes us our unique selves is more than just our bodies and more than just our brains. Find a picture of a parent at the age of 2 and then another picture at the age of 30. Put them side by side and it seems ridiculous that both are the same person. There might be subtle hints that the 30 year old was once the 2 year old but physically there is hardly anything in common. Most of the cells from the 2 year old have died off long ago. Their personalities would also be virtually unrecognizable with one throwing a tantrum about getting candy and the other crying in front of a TV watching a romantic comedy.

• Consider a house that was built 100 years ago. Over the years it has had new windows installed, a roof torn off and rebuilt, walls and doors updated, a room added and the floors in the entire house pulled up and replaced. wd gaster cosplay tutorial Slowly over the years, each piece of the house has been replaced. Is it still the same house? Explain why it is or is not the same. How does this relate to you as you grow up?

Maybe who you are isn’t about being physically the same or even your mind (whatever that means to you) being the same as it was. Perhaps what makes you you has more to do with a continual history. You might be a collection of the slow evolution of traits that grow, change, learn and adapt. One thing is true, it is the present you and only the present you that shares this common, continual and unbroken string of existence.

The philosopher Heraclitus said: “Everything changes and nothing remains still … and … you cannot step twice into the same stream.” Like a stream that continually flows bringing with it new water, you are continuously changing and growing. no electricity jokes You are that person in your baby pictures yet you are not the same person. Getting a true sense of self might be one of the great challenges in life…the key is to never stop asking great questions.