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Let me say that again. My Mother in Law is brain damaged (Affecting her center of judgement, for example, in her mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to throw a tantrum in the middle of a fast food restaurant because we mentioned her slip was showing, after being drunk at her father-in-law’s funeral), Alcoholic (She gets $1K a month from her ex-husband’s estate, the majority of that goes to beer), Chain Smoker (She blew smoke in my face while I was pregnant, and then repeated that action with my son, who was three months old at the time).

I really try to excuse her behavior, because a lot of what she does is because she cannot actually tell if her actions are wise or not. But sometimes, I feel resentful towards her and her actions. Like calling our house at 3am because she’s drunk and wants to sob on the phone to my husband. Or letting her two stray dogs she found and chained up in her back yard nearly bite my son on the face. Or, as previously mentioned, showing up completely smashed to a FUNERAL. Or coming to our wedding after not bathing for three weeks.

I have 3 mother in laws. My partner’s mother is cold and indifferent to me and I feel like she doesn’t like me. She ignores me and never talks to me. His father’s wife and I are deadly polite to each other after she started criticizing me on facebook and got into fights with my friends. His mom’s wife and I actually get along pretty well. She was sort of standoffish at first, but she’s warmed up to me and I feel like I can talk to her, unlike his mom who just gives me the cold shoulder and looks at me like “why are you talking?”

When Bunnyworm was 2 weeks old her father (who is diabetic and has a compromised immune system) brought home a cold from work. His fathers wife told me (ON FACEBOOK) that it was because I was a terrible mother and my house was dirty. That it was my fault Bunnyworm was sick and that Bunnyworm was going to get RSV and pneumonia because the house was dirty.

When Bunnyworm had GERD and had to be medicated she told me it was because I wasn’t trying hard enough to breastfeed (after 3 months of round the clock pumping every 2 hours, multiple trips to specialists, and taking all sorts of supplements to boost production I only ever made an ounce every 2 hours, which Bunnyworm got.) and that Bunnyworm was getting sick because I did not know what I was doing. She kept demanding to know why I wasn’t taking her to the doctor even though I was taking her to the doctor.

Well, my MIL is a bit difficult, but my husband’s MIL (my mom) is pretty easy. So I guess I hope I’m more like my mom: determined to make my kids’ spouse feel as loved as they are, and attempting to make my home a place of rest for everyone. I remember one Christmas, my BIL was reading in a corner the whole time. I was annoyed and mentioned it to my mom. She said, “Yes, I saw that book the other day. I remembered it was his favorite author, and that since funds are tight for them, he probably didn’t have the newest book that’s out. So I set it out on the coffee table where he’d see it. He’s been so busy at work lately, I thought he might enjoy some down time instead of dealing with our crowd of a family today. Isn’t it cool he noticed it there?” She doesn’t care what anyone does as long as they feel rested and happy when they leave her house. She follows parents’ rules to a “T” and is just has a servants’ heart toward everyone…not just her kids/in-laws, but to everyone. I think that’s a great model to follow. She has good boundaries, but she seeks to serve to the extent she can.