50 Best 2005 chevrolet equinox for sale, savings from $3,649 gas 93 octane

The Equinox is a small SUV/crossover. While it is not a full-sized SUV it is convenient for transporting large items. It sits higher off of the ground than a car, yet not as high as a full-sized SUV. It rides comfortably for the most part and includes a nice sunroof for those cool sunny days. The seating area is not as spacious as I would like it to be though. There is a good amount of trunk space and the back seats lie down to provide more trunk space if needed. It gets reasonable gas mileage and has all wheel drive. It has a convenient rear windshield wiper and also has the OnStar option on the rear-view mirror. It is a great car for a small family, but if I were to recommend the vehicle I would recommend the newer models to the 2005 model as they are more comfortable and have better, newer features. If I were to upgrade to a newer vehicle I don’t think I would choose another Equinox unless I didn’t find anything else reasonable enough for me. It’s not my vehicle of choice but it gets the job done.

The convenience of the Equinox consists of all wheel drive, automatic windows, sunroof, rear windshield wipers, the option of OnStar, the option of XM radio, a great heating and air system, spacious trunk, folding back seats that are easy to maneuver, automatic seats, plenty of cup holders, easy to read and understand manual, a plug-in outlet to charge my phone, 6 disc changer, AM/FM radio, great sounding speakers, a lot of different audio options including the option to make the radio quieter as you slow and stop and louder as you pick up speed, reasonable gas mileage, leather seats, air bags, fog lights, grocery net in the trunk, a retractable cover for the trunk that can be easily installed. It’s not tiring to drive, the steering wheel moves smoothly. It’s rather light-weight so it doesn’t feel like you are driving something heavy, which can get tiring to drive. It’s comfortable to take those muddy roads in after it has rained, it’s very easy to control. It’s very comfortable to drive with good acceleration, breaking, and smooth handling. I’ve never had to put it in the shop.

I like that the car is roomy inside, big enough for all 4 of my kids to fit comfortably. The overall look of the vehicle is very appeasing. There is a feature that allows the back seat to slide forward or backwards about 12 inches for either more trunk space or more leg room. The power of the vehicle is good and efficient as well as the handling. It feels quite safe to drive. I also love that is an AWD but still gets decent gas mileage for the type and year of vehicle. The interior is a bit unusual in that the front seat drink holder (while in use) collides with the emergency brake if engaged. Interior is not very durable and cosmetic features have broken easily. The entire top end of the engine needed to be replaced due to the orange coolant used in the system. This was considered a factory default in which many of these vehicles suffered blown head gaskets, among other issues within the cooling system. The transmission had to be replaced at 74,000 miles. Many other mechanical issues continued to arise after the 75,000 mile point. I have almost replaced everything under the hood including the computer on this vehicle.