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Overall this is the best car I have personally owned, I have owned nothing but Jeeps my whole life and this is the first "luxury" model vehicle I have had the means to afford. The things I like in this car is it is not that new. It is in the price range for my class level. It is the only car I have owned and not modified. There really isn’t much need to modify this because it’s fast stock. I love the sound system in this thing, there is no distortion at all when it is bumping bass or pumping metal through the cabin. It has plenty of cabin room, I have another BMWs door sitting in there for delivery and can still fit more stuff in there. I have used this for moving and It packs just as much as my ford ranger. Another thing I like is the fact that a tank lasts forever, I do not have the computer version to give a mpg number but Its pretty high. The SUV just looks stunning, It’s a low maintenance silver color, I barely have to wash it. These cars are also incredibly easy to work on. I have worked on 3 BMWs, all within this model with varying years and engine types, I swapped doors, hoods, headlights, bumpers, and fenders off these. They are all straight forward and well documented online. A++ would recommend if you have tight budget.

The engine on this one is a 2.5L, It is extremely quick off the line when you want it to be. If you are like me you would rather just hang out in it and rarely floor it unless you are late for something. You can barely hear this thing roll up on you, it’s almost like a hybrid or electric car. It also handles extremely well. Having SUVs my whole life with one exception, I know how easy it is to take a turn too fast and feel like your going to flip over. This thing hugs the road like a champ. The tires are skinny stock, so it does not resemble a SUV or a Truck with big ole tires all lifted in the air, It stays truer to its sedan BMW siblings as more of a racecar. However it handles the Colorado Snow like a champ, with stock tires. It is extremely safe. It has pillar air bags, side air bags, as well as the usual front air bags. The seatbelts never snag (pet peeve of mine). Just feel super safe in this thing even around semis. The seats feel more like a racecar, the stance of it seems like a racecar, you don’t have to jump into it you duck into it like a car. I also love the stereo. And for grins sometimes I’ll use the manual shifter for fun.

There are a couple of cons on this thing although there are not many. The car is a BMW, so if something does break It can be quite expensive if you do not have the knowledge or skills or even tools (yes bow requires certain tools to work on, not everyone has star keys, get some if you don’t have them). Originally when I bought this car for a thousand dollars it was smoking a lot down the road. I bought it anyway, I drove it down to the ole mechanic shop down here and they wanted twenty five hundred to replace a CCV valve. However since I have been around cars I choose to just buy the parts for two hundred bucks and do it myself. Easy peasy to do, but it could have cost me $2300 more. Another con is the security system. My key cylinder wore out and it is annoying if your key fob doesn’t work (mine had a dead battery, replaced it, turns out it wasn’t programmed to the car so it didn’t help), I had to break into this car and let me tell you its not easy if you don’t have locksmith tools. The only other con I can think of is that it sits real low, so you cant be flying around hitting speed bumps all willy nilly. You got to pay attention to parking curbs and stuff or you’ll screw up the body.

This model has a resolution of 582 x 500 pixels. While this would be low for a camcorder, for a rear-view camera, it is actually about average. It easily provides enough detail for you to see if you’re going to hit anything behind you, which is the basic purpose of a rear-view camera. Even among wireless back-up cameras, this is one of the easiest to install. Rear-view safety provides detailed directions to help you connect the unit without having to pay a mechanic. It’s as simple as drilling a small hole behind your license plate to connect the camera to the transmitter, and then connecting the transmitter to the reversing lights’ power source and placing the small transmitter in the trunk. You simply plug the monitor into your cigarette lighter port. The camera gets power when you shift into reverse, and the monitor receives the wireless signal from the transmitter. Overall, this is a standard design for a wireless back-up camera. It has audio and video inputs, so you can connect video game systems or DVD players to it. It’s important to note that the monitor won’t be able to display anything in HD, but it will be able to play high-def. content in standard definition.

Everyone knows that if you buy a car on credit and fail to make the payments, the lender can repossess it. It’s embarrassing and will wreck havoc on your credit when the repo shows up as a landmark on your credit report. The thing many people miss is that there are right ways and wrong ways for the lenders to repossess the collateral on a loan. And, as you might imagine, the wrong ways can be dramatic and illegal. One client of mine missed a payment on his car. He had missed a few in the past and had always caught up, so he didn’t think anything of it. Not that this meant the lender wasn’t allowed to repossess the vehicle, but my client wasn’t too worried about it. Still, he lived in an ugly part of town and always pulled both of his cars into his fenced yard and locked the gate behind them. He then went someplace with his friends in their car. Later that evening, he returned to find his gate open, the chain had been cut, and both of his cars were gone. He called the police who told him that they could not account for one of the cars, but the other car had been towed to the impound lot when it had been found in the middle of the street earlier that evening.

My favorite part of my is the Panoramic sunroof. The fact that it goes all the way to the backseat is awesome. It opens up the outside world to the vehicle. Especially on nights when the weather is perfect it makes driving that much better. I also like the comfort of the seats. I’ve been in a lot of cars with leather seats and these seats still hold up to a lot of different vehicles in different price ranges. The room and space is really nice too. I was originally going to buy the Sedan but the suv was wider and was a little higher off the ground. The only con I can think of is the gas mileage. Sure I understood it wasn’t fuel efficient when I first purchased it but that has to be the main issue. The other thing I dislike is the heated seats. They do work don’t get me wrong but I think the low to high settings are kind of one extreme to the next. I do appreciate them a lot because it is the first thing I turn on those really cold mornings and nights. But it seems a little strong on the far end.