50 Best used bmw x5 for sale, savings from $2,849 gas in oil briggs and stratton engine


You don’t really notice how big a X5 is until you see one up close. Seeing one on the road doesn’t do it justice. It wasn’t until we sized it up against its smaller brother, the X3, did we realize how large its presence actually is. The one we purchased, particularly the 4.8i trim just looks mean (in a good way). It stands out with the larger exhausts in the back (compared to the 3.0si), and the metallic brushed kidney grilles on the front. Because it was modified for 2007, the back taillights are more refined and not as bulky as they looked for the first generation vehicle. The exterior is fresh, the lines are good and it immediately comes off as a solid SUV, or as BMW calls it, SAV. Inside, the materials are everything you’d expect from BMW with the wood grain trim, leather seating, steering wheel, etc. The buttons are arranged simplistically and are not overwhelming as you sometimes find in other vehicles. If you’ve driven any other one of BMW’s lineup before, you know where to find buttons – particularly the lock/unlock button, which is found underneath the main air vents in front (there is no lock/unlock button on the driver’s or passenger doors). The seats are very comfortable and ours had multi-way adjustable seats. You sit up high and have a great view of the road which makes you forget you’re driving a big SUV on the road. Of course when it comes to turning and parking in tight spaces (when you’ve previously owned a sedan or hatchback), there is a little bit more attention required. The side mirrors are huge to eliminate any blind spots and we always like to add the blind spot mirrors you can get to help increase visibility. It is very roomy in the back and tall adults would have no problem stretching out. We have a convertible car seat installed forward facing and you didn’t need to move up the passenger’s seat at all. Our version does not have third-row seating so we do have quite a bit of cargo space and the rear seats can fold down flat for extra room. The trunk is unique in that it splits into two parts. The gate will lift up but then you still have the bottom third you need to pull down by grasping a lever and pulling it towards you. I think it helps if you needed to slide a big item off or need extra leverage. It isn’t that big of a negative though. It drives well. The 4.8i has around 350hp so there is plenty of get-up-and-go. Braking is sturdy and responsive. You do develop that sense of being able to tackle anything and you definitely notice how much higher you are off the road than most vehicles. Going back to the engine size and power, it does compromise on fuel efficiency. I believe it is only rated at 15/22 compared to 17/23 for the 3.0si version. It’s a monster at the pump with a 22.5 gallon tank (around 2.6 for reserves according to the manual). It of course recommends premium fuel but will accept as low as unleaded. As someone who has owned 2 other BMWs, the X5 is no different. It feels smooth, accelerates nicely, and the fact that AWD comes standard is a big plus so you can be prepared for any climate. Relating to repairs, obviously BMW repairs aren’t cheap. If you can’t do it yourself or your car is not under a warranty, just take it to an independent dealer for repair. We did have to replace all the spark plugs and some other items as it didn’t appear the previous owner did it at 100,000 miles, and because the X5 requires iridium spark plugs ($28 a piece), it was about $750. Thankfully these are supposed to last 100,000 miles so it should not have to be done again. Great vehicle, just be aware that you are getting what you pay for and be mindful of keeping it well maintained!

Beautiful car, great ride, although you do feel bumps to a degree. Not as plush a ride as Lexus or Lincoln. Car not made for short people who are 5’1", but I can work around it. Car is my husband’s car, and fits him well. Hard for me to see over high dash on driver’s side, hard to get out of car without bruising back of calves (but salesman showed me the trick on how short people can get out more easily), back of front seat cushion makes seat uncomfortable for short people, as the cushion pushes my back out. It hits the right place of the back on regular-height and tall people. If I sit on a pillow, the back of the front-seat cushion fits my back fine, but I shouldn’t have to do this in an expensive car like this. Car handles beautifully, quiet inside, high-quality materials. Hard for me to see blind spot when I turn around due to my height. Biggest complaint is difficulty of using the features, changing a radio station, finding what you want on the screen. There are some buttons, but most features accessed by a mouse-type wheel on the console. Very dangerous to find what you want while you’re driving. Mercedes is much more intuitive and easier to use. No current weather outside is displayed for the passenger – it only shows for the driver! This should be standard in all cars. Also, was told by salesman that the rear-view mirror would display the direction you’re headed with an "N," "NE," etc., but it doesn’t. Also, you cannot use Maximum A/C or Heat on the floor only. Being short, this is important to me, as the middle vents always blow in my face and eyes. However, happily and surprisingly, the BMW vents can be directed so it doesn’t blow in my face, unlike the Mercedes. Storage space is adequate; nice, extra storage compartment under floor in very back if you do not use it for a spare tire, which you shouldn’t need with the run-flat tires. Glove compartment is small for size of car – the manual takes up the whole glove compartment. My husband absolutely loves the car. It is fun to drive, even for short people! And I love how quiet it is inside.