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I bought my 2007 Chevy Cobalt in 2010. The vehicle had about 43,000 miles on it at the time and I’m now up to 70 some thousand miles. This car is itty bitty (I have the coupe version). If you are tall, I would not recommend you drive this car. I’ve had no problems with my engine or other electricity measurements units necessary parts to operate the vehicle. However, my accessories have proven otherwise. It seems that the secondary parts to this vehicle were made cheaply. Like most cars nowadays, the interior is primarily plastic. Many of the buttons in my vehicle that control the door locks and music features no longer work. The digital screen that shows me the time and music that I’m playing only works sometimes. My blinkers broke entirely, I have to manually set and reset them and they do not make sound. The speakers that come with this vehicle are terrible and do not work correctly. Only one speaker plays at all times, sometimes another will kick in randomly which scares me as I’m driving. This car is a 4 cylinder and speeds up fairly quick. The gas mileage on this car isn’t too bad, I don’t often need to fill up on gas. The Chevy Cobalt is reliable but not superior to other vehicles. I would never drive my Cobalt through large amounts of snow or rain. Since this is a small vehicle, it is only equipped electricity generation by source by state with two-wheel drive and will slide in bad weather. I love the vibrant red color of this car and the paint has lasted well with no signs of rusting away. Overall, this vehicle has gotten me where I’ve needed to go over the past six z gas tecate years, but has gotten on my nerves on several occasions. There is no wow factor about this vehicle, it’s very average and they no longer make this type of vehicle.

The car itself exceeded my expectations. As my family had never owned an American car before, I didn’t really know what to expect when buying one, given the reputation of American cars. Since I bought it, it has run very smoothly, and hasn’t needed any additional work since I purchased the car 4 years ago. I was surprised by this considering I have driven across the country twice in it, and apart from having two flat tires, the car has ran very smoothly. Unfortunately the car is a bit light, meaning that at high speeds or in high winds, it sort of gets knocked around a bit, and is a bit difficult to drive. Also despite the fact that it is a relatively new car, it does not have cruise control, which is a luxury that I would really like to have. One thing I was very surprised about the car was the fact that despite it being a front wheel drive car, it performs very well in the rain and snow, and I have not had any problems in minor inclement weather, which is certainly a plus given the fact that I live in the Midwest.

It was a very all 4 gas giants names affordable car, and was very good value when I bought it. Very few times can you buy a two year old car with only 31,000 miles for $10,000. Also it has tremendous fuel efficiency, which is certainly a plus for a college student who is living on a budget. Another huge plus about the vehicle is the fact that it is a low maintenance car, which other than a routine service and oil change fees has ran tremendously considering I have put 40,000 miles on it since I purchased the power outage houston zip code car in 2012. A great feature included in the vehicle is the OnStar capabilities, and while I have not renewed it since I purchased the car, it is nice knowing that I have the flexibility to purchase it if I choose. The same goes for the satellite radio that is included. That is something that I have renewed and enjoyed for long distance travel. Also its surprisingly electricity sources uk good performance in bad weather has been a major plus since purchasing the car. It was something that I wasn’t expecting and has paid off tremendously when I have been caught in unexpected bad weather.

One of my biggest complaints about the vehicle is its lightness. It does not weigh very much which means at high speeds/high winds it gets knocked around quite a lot which makes it very difficult to drive. One time in particular I can recall driving in high winds and it feeling as if I was driving on ice. I know that its low weight allows it to be more fuel efficient, but at the same time, it can pose a potential threat to driver safety if caught in high winds. Another con about the vehicle is its lack of cruise control. Having driven long distances in my car, not having cruise control is a burden at times, leading to major cramping in my legs which if not monitored can be potentially dangerous. My final complaint about the car is that for some reason, there is a rattling inside one of the fans of the car. Every time I put on the air conditioning, it rattles back and forth, which is a very annoying inconvenience that I’ve had to deal with since purchasing the car. While not really having an impact on the car per se, it is still quite gas yoga annoying.