50 Best used chrysler 300m for sale, savings from $3,399 electricity billy elliot


I bought a 2001 Chrysler 300M in the summer of 2013 for $2,800. When I purchased the car it had about 150,000 miles on it. When I first met the previous owner to purchase the car I was very interested in the condition of the car and how good of shape the car was in for being 13 years old and having high miles. The car is blue with multiple chrome accents such as the emblems and trimming around the windows which outline the car beautifully. The interior has comfortable tan leather seats, white instrument gauges outlined in chrome which at night glow a bright indiglo color, nice dark brown wood grain slabs, plenty of room for any driver, controls for the four disc cd-changed built in the dashboard located on the steering wheel, heated seats, power moonroof, and a large storage armrest in the center console, and many other options and accessories. Taking it out for a test drive I instantly fell in love with the power, performance, and handling. Plenty of power from a 3.5 High out put engine with no slipping or hesitant transmission. The steering was real smooth and was to control. The braking was smooth with no vibration. After returning from the test drive, I bought it immediately.

After having the Chrysler for 2 years and adding about 17,000 miles to the original 150,000, the car still runs and performs excellent. The power is still there and although I put new struts, stabilizer bars, outer tie-rods, and breaks to the front suspension the handling is still were it was when I bought it. The engine has no leaks and the transmission hasn’t givin’ me any problems at all on the lines of slipping or hesitating. The interior is still in excellent condition and all the buttons and knobs still work and no burnt-out bulbs. The windows work fine as well as the door locks. The four disc cd-changed works fine and the radio. The heated seats work perfect and the power seats and memory option for the seats operate perfect. I am really impressed with the performance and reliability of this Chrysler. I have always been a fan of Dodge and Chrysler autos and this 300M only made my feelings towards this company stronger. To have almost 170,000 miles and being 13 years old and perform the way it does, I am really satisfied Chrysler.

The cons to this car are really not on the lines of performance but are more electrical and cosmetic. One of the main issues with the car that started about 6 months after having the car is the main fuse that controls the alarm, door locks, radio and cd-player, and the sunroof sometimes blows randomly. It can blow two days in a row or it can go weeks without blowing. The dealership says its most likely a short somewhere but could be very expensive to track it down. Since the car is old as it is you will have problems like that. Another issue is the paint, when I bought it there were no rust spots at all but within the two years I have owned it, rust that started as a little nick on the wheel well has spread like cancer and is now about three inches wide. The paint also has faded quit fast and I do wash this car regularly and take care of it. One other problem is the sunroof motor also burnt-out and is really expensive to fix. The dealership told me that I was better off getting an aftermarket moon roof to replace it than paying to replace the motor since it would be cheaper to do that. Other than those issues I have had no problems with the 300M and like I said, completely satisfied with this vehicle.