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When my husband first showed me the truck he wanted to buy, I was very skeptical of it. Even after we went and took it for a test drive, I was not a big fan of the big blue thing. Despite my reservations, we purchased the vehicle anyways, mainly because my husband was so excited about it. Not long after buying the bronco, I got in an accident with my Volkswagen Jetta, and totaled it. Well, I was not obligated to drive the bronco to work every day, there was no other choice. In that regard, we were lucky to have bought the bronco when we did. After the first day driving it though, I realized it was one of the most fun things I had ever driven. It was beastly enough that I could put my foot in it and get through traffic, and boat-like enough that it always felt smooth, like it was floating down the road. While the interior was not spectacular, it was clean, and the engine was nice enough that it made up for it. After the first time I drove it, I was in love. She purred like a kitten, and roared like a lion, depending what I asked of her.

I love that this truck is four wheel drive. It has an automatic shift with automatic locking hubs that are very sturdy for your everyday 4wd needs. With a relatively short wheel base and larger v8 engine it tows and drives and reverses with a trailer very easy with some practice and without large blind spots. It has a bullet proof motor that rarely if ever will leave your stranded , tons of power , drives well and all electronics has worked great for 20+ years. Seats have never ripped and air filled lumbar supports still hold air and inflate like new. All climate control works and blows very hot and very cold its got great pickup and is very substantial on the road. It sits up nice and high and has acts as a truck and an SUV with the removable top and tailgate , except it turns better and gets better gas mileage and looks way cooler with no top on it. The original paint has held up great as well as all of the windows, lights and other electronics always working for the most part. It for such a big motor gets better gas mileage then most similarly equipped 4×4 trucks and is definitely a classic good looking well sought after ride that many people constantly compliment me on and always to purchase because of its massive following due too it great classic styling and amazing record for good service and its ability to find parts and easily and afford-ably be maintained.

I bought this vehicle for two reasons. First was a bit of nostalgia. My Father owned a Bronco the first year they came out, so it was a bit of remembering the good times and wanting to share those with my kids. The other reason was for the benefits a four wheel truck would offer – being able to go off roading, go to the snow without fear of getting stuck, camping, or just long trips together. This Bronco offered room for my family, enough room for everything we wanted to bring, and comfort for my wife and I. It had a larger engine so I could tow anything I needed and that came in handy when I moved my kids into their college dorms. Gas mileage sucked, but that was expected with an 8 cylinder engine and I did not buy it for the mileage. It was the bigger Bronco, so I felt safe whenever I was traveling. But it was still, at least it appeared, small enough that I could fit in most areas without fear of hitting anything. Due to its size, I also felt very safe when riding in it. My prior car was a VW Bug and sometimes I was a little fearful, especially on long trips competing with the big rigs. Sitting higher than most (after I put on larger tires) I really felt in command of the road and in command of my driving.