50 Best used ford expedition el for sale, savings from $3,469 gas vs electric dryer

The things I love most about my Expedition are the Microsoft Sync system, adjustable pedals, folding third row and the middle of the second row moves forward toward the front of the vehicle. I have many songs on my IPhone and it is so easy to play my music using Bluetooth through the car’s sound system or answer the telephone with out having to pickup the phone thanks to the Microsoft Sync system. I am short so having adjustable pedals was one of the key selling points for me. This feature allows me to move the gas and brake pedals towards me without having to be sitting on top of the steering wheel and worrying about if I crash and the air bag deploys will it hurt me. I have a small child so having the third row move up closer to the front row has been wonderful. When my child is fussy, I can just reach and put my hand on her leg and settle her down where I was not able to do that in my previous vehicles. I think the best feature of the car is the automatic folding third row. I can push a button to raise the seats or fold them into the floor. This is great because it is easy and you do not lose any storage area by having them just fold up instead of disappearing into the floor.

The Ford Expedition is the "top dog" of all terrain SUVs. It has exceptional quality for the price. It handles like a well worn pair of jeans would fit. When I sit behind the wheel of this truck, I not only feel powerful behind this large vehicle, I also feel very comfortable. The height of the vehicle is one of the main reasons I feel comfortable because I have a greater field of vision and I can see what’s coming up ahead that might cause a problem and prepare myself to overcome any obstacle with ease. The main reason I started looking for a large SUV is because I was looking for extra cabin space. The year I bought this vehicle, I had recently remarried and my new wife has 3 children. I instantly went from a single man with a Sporty little SUV to a family of five. The Ford Expedition has 3 rows of seats and was an excellent alternative to a mini-van! I did not want to look like a new father….I just wanted the functionality required for the job. The high end features, including a full navigation system, also made this monster the perfect travel vehicle. Our family trips to Florida, over 2000 miles, were as pleasant as humanly possible due to the high quality leather, reclining seats and brilliant air conditioning! Another high end option that has proven to be a life saver on family vacations is the number of electrical outlets in the vehicle. In this age of technology, it is impossible to travel with teens and not have a way to "recharge" everything from an iPod to a MacBook. Another family friendly feature of this vehicle is the ease with which it converts to a drive-in movie theater lounge. This vehicle gets me to work and back on days that everyone else in New England is snow bound. It plows through snow drifts and 36 inches of white, cold fluff without a snag. Its heavy duty construction gives a feeling of safety and security. At times when the snowdrifts are above 3ft, and that does happen more often than I like to think about, the convenience of 4wd make the driving easy.