50 Best used ford f-150 for sale, savings from $3,499 gas natural


I own a F-150, to put it simply this is the best vehicle I have ever own. Trucks are made for a purpose that is, its a car when you need to move just a few people but its also a instrument or tool to complete tasks. I have had to truck for about 50,000 mile with almost no mechanical problems and just a few minor cosmetic injuries. The vehicle was purchased with standard light truck highway tires and I equipped my own off road mud tires. The wheel well gave plenty of clearance. All of the components of the truck are sturdy and rigid. The vehicle is made of complete metal no plastic. Even the interior door handles are solid aluminum, you never have to worry about accidentally breaking a door handle on your way out. Overall completely positive I will review most of my pro’s and cons in the following sections. As for my nugget. Ok might sound crazy but my hood was removed and used as a sled. We pulled it being another vehicle in the dirt and mounted it back in all honesty it didn’t ruin it the event happened before I purchased it, because I bought it from my best friend.

My pros of my F-150 is the fact I have a short bed. I believe this is what a truck should be it fits a queen mattress perfectly with no room to spare. This is an ideal amount of bed space without becoming a burden when hauling slightly smaller items that tend to move around. Another pro is the ford 302 is a rather small motor in such a big vehicle. This allows for plenty of under the hood access which makes for maintenance times being a breeze. Another point as mentioned in my review is everything is metal. Nothing is plastic besides the cup holder and air vents. This makes for a long lasting vehicle without ever having to worry about the plastic parts breaking down over time. Another huge pro is the amount of fuel space this lovely truck came equipped with not one fuel tank but two. That means you can use one tank for city miles and use standard 87 and for the highway flip over to the secondary tank and use premium gasoline. This way you get the most bang for your buck trying to save on fuel.

Cons of my F-150 are quite short. The biggest issue is the Ford 302 its the motor that came with my truck. It has been known to be one of the most inefficient motors of all time. The motor is quite small for the vehicle and it doesn’t deliver power properly most of the energy is released as heat instead of being transferred into momentum. My vehicle averages around 9 miles to the gallon. This might seem completely ridiculous but I only have to commute a minute away from my house to get to all the places I need to be. Another huge con which falls back on fuel costs is the inability to drive it long distances. Taking a 100 mile trip would be 11 gallons of gasoline. That’s right an hour and a half drive would cost me about 40 dollars. But I own two vehicles so I have a backup for trips. A final con would have to be the window motors. Ford did an excellent job making literally everything on this truck out of metal except for the gears in the window motor. This means if you roll your hand in the window the gears will break and not injure your hand. But for a old truck the window tracks have more restrictions from grim and oil that the window gears actually wear out quite quickly if you do not tend to the window tracks when replacing the motor.

My 1984 Ford F150 is an excellent utilitarian vehicle. It is a full-size, with a bed about 6 feet wide, but a short bed so it is fairly easy to maneuver. This model has the well-known 300/4.9L straight 6, one of the most reliable engines Ford ever produced. It has as much or more torque than the V8 options for the same year, but gets notably better mileage – the 3.08 Differential gears and automatic overdrive transmission both help in this area.

This truck is the base model, without A/C or most power features – in a 30-year old truck, that means that everything works as it should. The interior is a two-tone vinyl that looks nice after all this time, is easy to clean, and matches the white/light blue (I think the interior blue is closer to a royal as are the interior plastics). It has real solid steel bumpers – the rear one has an integrated hitch/ball and I suspect that it will pull more than I’d ever try to (reports from other owners confirm this). It came with a nice factory bed liner that seems to hold up to fairly rough treatment and keeps water from collecting in the actual steel bed.

The equipment appears to all be original, aside from a plastic overlay for the dash which is frequently found on any vehicle that has lasted this long and sees sun on the plastics regularly. Everything seems to work as it would have straight from the factory and is getting right around factory mileage (~16 or so highway, a bit less in town) with no more than very basic maintenance (plugs, oil change). I regularly hear examples of these inline 6 engines going for many hundreds of thousands of miles, and it hasn’t reached 100K yet (it will reset to 0 when it does, but the minimal wear on interior and pedals indicates that it is likely not to have reached such yet).

This F150 performs like a truck, as it should – I wouldn’t expect it to win any races, but it gets up to and maintains at least all legal speed limits around here (I’ve probably gotten it up to 75 or 80 with no issues, and it would likely go at least a bit faster), and it will easily haul the half ton it is rated for without much loss of acceleration (all that torque really helps!) – The transmission shifts smoothly reliably. All lights and wipers function well (I had to replace a taillight from where it had been hit, but it is not hard to find a taillight for a common model like this at a parts yard). Braking is fine for an old truck – I am planning on doing the front brakes soon, as the current ones are noisy and a bit softer than I prefer, but there is no indication of leaks or performance issues. The foot-actuated emergency/parking brake is effective and will probably be even better once I adjust the rear brakes.