50 Best used gmc sierra 2500 for sale, savings from $3,199 gas bubble


A great daily driver. I don’t have to worry about it breaking down a bunch or not starting. Even though it’s old, it’s dependable and still has plenty of fight in it! Incredibly awesome ride, has great power, and is very dependable. I love the reliability, how comfortable the seats are, and somehow it can still be sporty. Other great features about this truck would have to be that it definitely stands out. It’s a one of kind looking truck that you can’t mistake on the road! It’s super comfortable for having 30+ year old bucket seats in it! It was, and probably if you can find it still is, really cheap and affordable to purchase and maintain. Parts are cheap, repairs are cheap, and installations are pretty straight forward. Don’t even need to visit the grease monkeys to get her fixed back up into tip top shape. It’s a solid model, can stand up to any weather, doesn’t really like ocean weather though, and you don’t have to worry if you get into an accident. The older models are made from metal. Worry about the other people you hit, not yourself!

It’s old, so a car like this definitely needs a lot of tender love and care. Parts are older, made differently, sometimes a piece can be hard to find or difficult to install. Since these older models are made mostly from metal, they are not very weather friendly. If you have a garage, I’d suggest storing your vehicle inside whenever you aren’t using it. Leaving this old metal truck out on the road in exposed weather conditions tends to rust it heavily. The rust appears to start around the tires and work its way up. It’s hard to maintain, and spendy to get fixed. Another downside to this particular vehicle is the lack of gas mileage in the older models. It has a 19 mpg average, which is entirely too low. It could use another 50 hp to be the ultimate supreme. In this day and age, it is entirely too expensive to stop and buy a tank of gas every day. Another downside is the strange weight issue it seems to have. It’s very top heavy due to the high center of gravity. I would never carry anything on the roof; I always use the bed.

The truck is a beast. It performs great. I have the 6.6L turbo diesel, and it runs like a champ. The overall quality of the vehicle is exceptional. It has heated seats, air conditioned seats, and great sound quality. This vehicle has early collision alert system, where if you are approaching another vehicle quickly but not slowing down, it will alert you. It alerts you by vibrating your seat and flashing red lights at the base of the dash onto the windshield. This feature has saved me a couple times from what could have been a bad accident. Couldn’t be happier with that feature; however, I do have an error currently with that feature currently, and it states it needs to be reset. I’ve been able to haul extremely heavy loads, including heavy generators that weigh 9,000 lbs. and heavy equipment, and this has been beneficial for the work that I do. The back-up camera is great on this vehicle. I’m not sure how I would park it without it. Makes maneuvering the vehicle a breeze. The truck has LED lights that light up the bed of the pickup and the sides of vehicle. This has been extremely helpful at night when you need to see.