50 Best used gmc suburban for sale, savings from $2,299 gas efficient suv 2014


Starting at the basic body, this vehicle is beautiful in the most simplistic ways, from outside in, with a delightful wood grain interior. Early fuel injection mechanics set up allows for easy repairs and very minimal upkeep required. Very reliable and very strong 5.7L 350 GM motor will get you to your destination with as much as you need or want to haul. Eight seats allows for many passengers who will all be seated comfortably. Large tires and sturdy suspension brings a very smooth ride for all passengers. Barn door or lift gate option for back doors whether this truck will be your camping go to or a work-horse. Most of this vehicle is metal, which adds to the sturdiness of the whole car. Electronic locks, windows and rear defrost make this feel like quite a luxury vehicle. With a tow capacity of up to 10,500 lbs. There’s not much this beast cannot handle. All of these features accompanied by four-wheel drive HI/LO will keep you out of any sticky situations and on the road in varying conditions. Six speaker stereo system offers great, all around sound from the front to the very back seat.

The Suburban can seat up to eight people. I love how simple all the electronic controls are, from the headlights to the stereo control. Front captain seats allow for optimal driver/passenger comfort. The rear row of seats are easily removed, and middle row will fold down to offer almost as much room as a full-size pickup bed. Four-wheel drive works great in snow and muddy condition. Very high tow capacity has allowed me to tow and haul a wide variety of size and weight trailers. Very reliable motor has never left me stranded, repairs are always cheap and accessible. Large tires and flexible suspension have allowed great driving in many environments, on and off road. The 12v cigarette lighter is always on, so you can leave devices to charge off the car battery, even when you are not driving. The vent windows are great for hot days or hanging out in the car without the air conditioning. Automatic 4×4 hubs means you can engage four-wheel drive without having to leave the comfort of the vehicle. Extra large center console locks to hold any valuables out of sight and folds open to offer more cup holders for a car meal.

Very primitive engine. It does not get great fuel economy. Loud design, poorly insulated interior provides road occasional noise. Lack of computer and OBD2 sometimes requires a special mechanic for difficult problems. Lack of visibility from barn door rear windows using the rear view mirror. Has different key for door and ignition. It can be inconvenient when trying to locate correct key. Equipped with a 33-gallon fuel tank, you have to expect a costly fill up, most of the time. There aren’t many warnings on this car, so you have to be conscious about your tires, and basic maintenance. It can be hard to find a Suburban from this era in good condition without much rust. The transmission does not allow for quick acceleration, so getting up to speed takes a little bit longer than most vehicles. Rather large vehicle size makes parking difficult in some areas, as well as inner city maneuvering. Vehicle is heavy, which prohibits access in some areas. Side mirrors must be adjust from outside or with windows down, and can be difficult to adjust by yourself for the passenger side. Four-wheel drive models must have all four tires replaced at the same time, which can be the most costly maintenance for the SUV.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this vehicle. I needed something that could seat several, but also was capable of pulling a trailer and had a lot of cargo space. I travel to dog shows, and this vehicle is one of the few on the market that can fit three large dog crates securely, as well as other items. We also live in a rural area and I have a job where I MUST get to work, so 4-wheel drive and ground clearance is necessary. This truck tackles deep snow with ease, and is decent on ice if you use common sense. Keep good tires on it, and it won’t let you down. Mileage isn’t horrible — we routinely get 18+ mpg on the highway with this truck, and that is comparable to many of the mid-size or smaller SUV’s. The sound system is great, the heated seats are a must-have, and while we don’t use the DVD player much, it’s nice to have if you find yourself traveling with kids. The truck is roomy, is very comfortable to drive, the seats are comfortable, and it’s been relatively maintenance-free. This is the vehicle we take when we go somewhere as a couple – the few dollars difference in mileage between the Suburban and my husband’s car is more than made up for in visibility, comfort, and ease of driving. The truck pulls a trailer well as long as common sense is used, and a proper hitch and suitable trailer and vehicle weight are all in-line. I pull a 3-horse trailer with this truck, and it does fine. If we lived in a more mountainous area or hauled more regularly, I would step up to the 3/4 ton version. The truck has plenty of take-off and power when needed, is attractive and stylish, and so far, no rattles or odd noises.