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I really like my Jeep. I don’t recall which level of the Patriot I have, but I do have navigation and leather interior, so it’s a nicer model gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by. I think it’s built very well and runs well. It’s roomy like you would expect from an SUV, but it has better gas mileage. I get about 22 miles to the gallon in town, and about 26-28 on the highway, which I think is awesome for a vehicle that looks like an SUV and is capable of towing. I did buy a hitch for my Jeep so I could tow, but I mainly use the hitch for a bike rack. The leather interior is nice and makes it easy to wipe off and keep clean. I don’t even feel that it’s a problem to ride in a wet bathing suit if unavoidable, as the seats dry very fast. The backseat is roomy, and I can comfortably have myself and 4 passengers in the car. I’ve even had two kids and a baby seat in the back, and there was enough room. I love the stereo with the touch screen and the navigation. My only complaint about that is the manual does not give very good instructions for uploading photos to it – there is a feature where I can put my own photos on the screen and change the pictures. But, I’ve had my Jeep almost 2 years, and still have never been able to figure out how to put my pictures on there. The speakers work very well – they are loud enough and of pretty good sound quality. The air conditioning also works very well, as does the heat – I especially love the seat warmers! It’s so nice in the winter to get inside and have a nice, warm seat. The Jeep came with carpeted floor mats, which I think is silly – it’s an SUV that tows, and I think it should automatically come with all electricity billy elliot karaoke weather mats. I bought some after market. I like all of the internal controls, but my one complaint about the inside of the vehicle is road noise – on the highway, it’s very loud. I wish it were quieter. As far as the outside of the vehicle, the paint job seems to be good quality. I have driven several Toyotas and always noted the paint was crap and chipped off easily. But the paint on my Jeep is very nice. This Jeep is also very sporty, which makes it fun to take camping with my son and our Cub Scout Pack. I like the storage in the back of the Jeep as well. I use my Jeep to go camping a lot with my son who is in Cub Scouts. I can easily maneuver my Jeep into places in the woods and don’t have trouble getting stuck in sand or anything. On the road, the engine picks up very well and is not sluggish, and the brakes work well. I enjoy driving gasbuddy touch it and have an easy time adjusting the seats and mirrors so that I feel comfortable seeing everything around me. And, I can fit a lot of gear in it! My one complaint about storage is how the seats can go down in the back. You can put the back seat all the way down, or you can put one side down – but the seats are not evenly split. So, you can have a very small opening only if you put one side down. I wish I could have a large opening but leave just enough for one seat in the back. The engine runs very smoothly and I have had no problems with it. The stock wheels also look very nice. It has a roof rack, but I removed the bars going across to make it easier to wash the top of the vehicle. The side mirrors and door handles are painted, and the mirrors are electric. And, my Jeep is equipped with Homelink, which is nice for programming the garage door opener. Overall, I love my Jeep and would definitely buy another one.

My favorite thing about my Jeep Patriot is that it’s fun to drive. It’s up high, it’s reliably good on dirt roads, and it’s a little spit that zooms around. I enjoy driving my car each day, which I can’t say for the cars I owned before. I like that my model is simple–no fancy gadgets, no stupid touch screens, just a solid car that runs well and looks nice. The hatch is surprisingly large and accommodates most objects I have to transport (I even moved out of my parents’ house in my Patriot!). The most frustrating thing about my car is the synced phone system. It rarely works correctly; in fact, I enter each phone call fully expecting the call to drop from the Bluetooth system at any given moment. This prevents me from making any important phone calls while gas utility driving. Occasionally, the voice command button panel stops working altogether. It’s very odd. I also get frustrated that my car doesn’t have a compass–who designs a Jeep without a compass?? Other than those things, though, I love the general setup of my car–where the buttons are, the features offered, the overall ease of use. I love the classic square Jeep look of the Patriot, and I’m sad they’ve discontinued that in favor of more rounded models.

I enjoy a variety of things about this vehicle. First and foremost, I just love owning a Jeep. There’s a history with the Jeep company and there’s something fun about being a Jeep person. I like the look of the Patriot, since it reflects on the Jeep styles I grew up with. I enjoy the simplicity of my Patriot, since I don’t have any of the obnoxious high-tech features that come with higher-end models. I’ll never understand gas in oil car the purpose of having a touchscreen inside your car. I love the way my Jeep drives–always smooth. I love being able to tackle unexpected bumps in the road (literally) and know that my vehicle can handle it. The gas mileage is pretty great, too. The autostart option on my key fob is AMAZING. I love being able to start my car from inside the house and not have a freezing cold seat when I get out there. The heated seats are awesome, too. I’m ALWAYS cold, and in this car it hasn’t been a problem like in previous years. I also hate the sound of ice scraping, so having my windshield defrost before I get there is awesome. I enjoy the four wheel drive as well! In the nasty winters where I live, it’s a comfort to have a car that hangs on to the icy roads.

The number one more aggravating thing about this vehicle is the syncing Bluetooth phone system and the fact that it constantly does not work properly. Almost every time I’m on a call, the call will drop from the car speakers and switch to running through my phone, but the Bluetooth doesn’t turn off and I have to manually switch it on the phone. It’s beyond aggravating. I have other issues with this system, too, like the phone button occasionally not working (at all) or the car refuses to recognize my phone. Another frustration is that sometimes the AC/heat doesn’t kick on right away. I have electricity experiments for high school to wait a few moments, and fiddle with the dials, and eventually it kicks on. The gas gauge seems off, as well. My car takes what seems like forever to burn through the first quarter tank of gas, but the last quarter tanks FLIES by. This leads me to believe that the gauge is off, not the gas consumption rate. Perhaps another frustration is that on occasion, it feels like my transmission is struggling to switch gears. It’s not a super obvious struggle, but now and then I wish I had a manual and could switch it myself.

Of all the vehicles I have owned, I have been happiest with my jeep patriot. she is the perfect size for me. she does not handle like a tank. she has plenty of cargo room in the back for storing luggage for trips, and groceries, and I can even transport my bike inside. she has a great turn radius and handles like a dream. I love the quality of the interior with no worry that it will fray or separate with age. the only complaint I do have is the plastic molding on the side of the seat does, sometimes, get caught on my clothing. but other than that, I am completely satisfied. she was more expensive than any other vehicle I have financed in the past, but well worth the price. I plan on keeping this vehicle for a long, long time. she has great gas mileage and I never worry about safety when we are out on long trips. she is small enough that I can handle her in any situation, but large enough that she is not invisible on the roadway. the interior is spacious and comfortable, and spending 8 to 10 hours driving during a long trip is quite comfortable. even my daughter, who was in a infant car set when we first bought the patriot, and is now in a child booster seat, has plenty of room to be comfortable while confined to her seat. I do not worry about her safety either. I love the look of the Patriot and body style. Classic Jeep look. I was originally disappointed in the color choices, but once I settled on red, I have been happy gas leak explosion.