50 Best used kia forte koup for sale, savings from $2,509 gas outage


The safety aspect of this vehicle is beyond great. I owned the car for not even a year before I was in a pretty bad accident. Everyone who seen the car, was surprised I wasn’t in the hospital. I didn’t have a scratch on me. I was wearing a seat belt and the car is equipped with multiple air bags throughout the front and back seats. The car sits comfortably in the driver seat. My husband always complains of how the car turns. Says it turns hard and jerky. I don’t see it but I guess it’s possible. I love the look of the interior. The only thing I don’t like about the interior is the plastic around the radio and dials. It gets dirty fast and is easy to scratch. The same plastic is also around the shifter. The ac and heat work wonderfully; however, the fan noise is very loud when it’s turned all the way up. My favorite part of the whole car is the iPod hook up. Absolutely love it. Plays great through the radio and have had no problems with it. I also love how I can talk on the phone through the car. So easy and understands me very well. I don’t have to keep repeating myself. However, if the windows are down, it won’t pick up what your saying when your trying to call someone. Take off and stopping is smooth. The gas pedal and the brake pedal are touchy. You don’t have to push very far for it to work. My other favorite part is the sun roof. Even though I have had issues with this. Sometimes I have to push the button twice for it to engage. I’ve tried to baby this car from day one even though it was in 2 accidents and you can’t even tell but there is about 29,000 miles on it. You know how if you pull up too far to a parking block, it can scrape the front of the bottom of the car? Well, I’ve done this multiple times with this car and you can’t even tell. The front under is black plastic and it holds up very well.

After my last car was totaled by a reckless driver, I needed to find an economic choice in reliable transportation to and from the university (a 100-mile round trip for me). Although it is an older car, it has maintained good performance and handling. I have had no major repair problems in the two years that I have owned it, and it runs well with regular maintenance. It is a lightweight car, and it took some getting used to, since I was afraid to drive for awhile after the accident that brought me to obtaining this car. I am now comfortable with the handling. It is a nimble vehicle that takes turns and curves in the road well. Cosmetically, I would have preferred a different color, but that is not what is most important to me. It looks alright. I do have some concern about safety in this lightweight vehicle. The gas mileage is average. The room in the trunk is spacious enough for shopping. The cabin space is roomy and comfortable enough. The sunroof is a nice feature. Acceleration is great, but breaking could be safety concern if you have to stop suddenly. I can see well enough out of all the windows. As for listening to music while driving, the CD player skips when I hit a bump in the road because the car is so lightweight.