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I was initially drawn to this vehicle because I had a very small car years ago and I really like the safe feeling of a large and in charge vehicle. I certainly do feel safe in this vehicle. I can easily see above the cars and the views can’t be beat. I can easily see if someone is approaching me from all directions. I like the viewpoint that I have when I am driving and I feel very secure. I know if I got into an accident I would be just fine in this vehicle. The handling of this vehicle does take some getting used to. It is so much bigger 9gag than a car and it almost has the sense of driving a small truck. It maneuvers well and easily but it does feel extremely heavy and just a little bit clumsy while I am driving tit. I do like the amount of space inside. At first I thought it would be too big but we fill it up easily. I can easily see the people that are sitting in the back of the vehicle so it is very easy to keep electricity song billy elliot an eye on children. There is plenty of room for the kids to being every imaginable thing into the car so we have taken it on vacations where we would normally travel a different way.

I currently own a Lincoln Navigator that my husband purchased for me sometime ago. I also previously owned a black Navigator so I feel pretty well versed in this department. Although I have owned two, this is my last purchase in the Lincoln family. The vehicle is nice looking and it appears to be in great condition with relatively low mileage. However, it runs differently. Some of the problems that I have experienced are common problems amongst owners of the Navigator, which leads me to believe that these are manufacturers problems that have not been resolved by the company. In addition, once the problem was discovered, it appears that electricity problem in up the company made little effort to rectify it. One my major problems is with the air compressor, which is supposed to raise the car up when the car cuts on and lower it when the car is turned off. When the air compressor stops working, it won’t raise the vehicle gas natural inc up and therefore can not be driven. I have had to take the car to the dealership several times for this problem and it still does not work properly. This is a common problem that should have been repaired by Lincoln without cost because it appears to be a manufacturer’s problem. I also have continually problems with the tires which the repairman informed me that the rims were bent which continues to cause the electricity quiz and answers tire to deflate.

Four-wheel drive I can get out of my driveway. Third row seating — plenty of room for my family. Seats seven passengers. I can haul my kids — plus some. Plenty of storage in way back for family vacations or sporting events. Sun roof very nice in the summer time. DVD Player with wireless head phones. Tow package. I can haul a trailer or small camper. It gets around very nice and drives down the road very smooth. I feel like I am driving an F-150 pickup, but I have the extra room inside. Being that it’s a big SUV, I don’t get the best gas mileage. So for driving back and forth a lot, it costs me more money than I’d like, but I feel like it’s worth it with the room I have. I also have the big 20 tires, so it’s not the cheapest to replace the tires, but then again, I can go almost anywhere. I really don’t have any negative things to say about it. Best vehicle I have ever owned, and I have had about 12 vehicles in my life. I will drive this one until it has around 300,000 miles on it before I replace it. I love electricity inside human body it.