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I absolutely love my CX-5. Not only does it look great, but it is just fun to drive. It has that "zoom zoom" that Mazda advertises. The acceleration and handling are great, and I really enjoy the drive. The gas mileage has been surprisingly good for a slightly larger vehicle, even with lots of in city driving. I have owned it for over two years and have had absolutely zero maintenance issues outside of regular service. The cabin is very comfortable, even in the lower level cloth seat options. Passengers in the back seat also have plenty of space and is a great vehicle to take on a road trip, even with several adults. I am absolutely spoiled now with the back up camera and the blind spot monitors & I can’t imagine how many little dings and dents those have saved me over the years. The only downside that I have with the technological aspects of the vehicle are that the rear camera tends to get obscured easily when it rains and that linking in phones to the sound system is a bit cumbersome and difficult to use when also trying to charge those items. One of the best features is the 40-20-40 rear seat configuration for dropping them down. It is perfect for golf clubs & the back also makes a great place for the dog!

There are a lot of things to like about the CX-5. In terms of performance, it has been incredibly fun to drive, gotten good gas mileage, and has handled well in all conditions (including heavy Lake Effect snow in Buffalo, NY). Aside from regular service, I have not had to take the car in for service at all. That is a huge relief in just knowing that you have such a reliable vehicle in the driveway. In regards to the comfort aspects of the vehicle, the upgraded BOSE sound system has been great. The moon roof also makes the interior seem much roomier. I also like the touch screen interface and the rear camera is a lifesaver. Hands down, my favorite thing about the vehicle is the rear storage area, that space makes it such a useful vehicle. I frequently use it for storage and toting lots of items, but it also makes a great location for the dog to keep hair off of the seats. With all that said, what makes the feature so great is to 40-20-40 way that the back seats go down. It makes the space so much more flexible and allows you to store items and still have passengers in the back.

The negatives about the CX-5 are pretty minimal. First, I think the touch screen interface could do much more, it isn’t as easy to use as you think it should be. Linking phones into the system isn’t the easiest thing to do and it is confusing to charge and link a phone into the system at the same time. In terms of the radio, it is annoying that there is no way to just scan the radio stations from the steering wheel buttons, you can only move to pre set stations. Another small issue is the rear view camera, it is a fantastic tool, but too often when it is snowy, icy, or rainy, the lens are obscured. I wish it was more covered so that is was more useable in those times when you could really use the assistance backing up. The carpeting used in the vehicle, it roles up easily and is very difficult to clean without making it look bad. I wish the carpet was a but more substantial. The last thing that I dislike is that the seat wells have gotten very dirty and are challenging to keep as clean as I would like, it is incredibly challenging to get dog hair out of which is a problem for me as the rear area of the vehicle is such a great spot to put the dog when traveling.

I love my Mazda CX-5. It is a great "mommy car" without the minivan look or feel. I have black cloth interior in mine, which also works out wonderfully for me, as I have two children who are five and seven and tend to be quite messy. The back seat is roomy, and adults and children alike can sit in the back and still have more than adequate leg room. The rear seats are also very comfortable. The Mazda CX-5 has the safety latch system for car seats as well, which makes installation a breeze! It also has a sleek and attractive appearance, not boxy or square as some of its competitors similar models. One of my favorite parts about my Mazda CX-5 is the safety features, including my back up camera. The camera is very clear and provides a great picture of everything behind you, which is very reassuring. When backing up, I am no longer nervous or uneasy when driving my Mazda CX-5. The camera screen goes back to your audio, settings, etc. screen when you take the car out of reverse. The screen is also touch activated if you are driving under 12 miles per hour. I wish it still be touch screen even over 12 miles per hour, however.