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When I was first looking at newer cars, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted since I’m not typically a car person or know anything about cars for that matter. I had owned a VW and Dodge in the past which both relied me pretty well. Now was time for a nicer car I could afford and I had to do a little research. After searching up the best cars of 2013 I came across the Mazda 3. It looked so beautiful that I had to see for myself and I’m glad I did. The model I found is upgraded and I managed to talk the price down since it had been on the lot for 6 months. Having owned this car for 6 months now I can honestly say it’s the best car I’ve ever owned. Some of the reasons why are: It’s newer, It has only 10,000 miles on it, it has air conditioning, a moon roof, heated leather seats, full stereo, and much more. This car has almost everything I want and is so pretty to look at, and also fun to drive. I can honestly say the car doesn’t have many cons. The only thing I wish was different was a lot of the black interior. It looks beautiful when clean, but when it gets dusty it sticks out like a sore thumb. I find myself cleaning the car constantly because I want it to look nice. Other than that the car drives beautifully. I can take it on the highway and it doesn’t even feel like I’m driving. All the parts are new and I change the oil consistently.

One of the pros of my Mazda is the fact that it’s brand new. I’ve never owned a brand new car in my life so owning one now feels pretty great. Another pro is the upgraded features like the leather seats. They feel so comfortable to sit in. Another pro is the heated seats. Where I live the 8 months of winter is brutal, so being able to have a warm car to look forward is always a treat. Another is the car starter feature. Now I a able to start my car with the push of a button if I’m inside a building. The car will be nice and toasty when I go inside. I also have a moon roof that is enjoyable during the summer months. Lastly my car has working AC which I’ve never had and a lot of things newer cars have nowadays. Overall I think the pros in the car most definitely outweigh the cons. Such as having a full sound stereo that works properly and is able to get a lot of stations I wouldn’t normally be able to get. I also have a newer interior that is tan and black and looks so beautiful. I can’t help but admire it every time I get into the car. Lastly the car drives smooth and hasn’t given me any problems.

I can honestly say that the pros of my car definitely outweigh the cons, since they hardly are any with this being a new car. If this car already had a lot of cons I probably would have traded it in by now. The Mazda 3 is a great model and runs reliably, but it does run on synthetic oil. If you’re okay with spending 80$ for an oil change, then maybe this car is for you, but it certainly annoys me when I have to do it. Although I am able to go longer periods without having to change my oil, the $80 I dish out never feels fun. The only other con for the car I can think of is where the stereo is located and the dashboard. This area of the car is all black which looks nice when it’s clean, but as soon as it begins to get dusty is sticks out like a sore thumb. I feel myself having to constantly clean in just to satisfy my needs. Although I may be neurotic and want a clean car, it does seem to irritate me a little. Even the floor is black and gets sandy pretty quickly. I find myself having the clean the car very frequently. I know this is a newer car and I do want to keep it clean, but it does get hard after a while.