50 Best used mazda rx-7 for sale, savings from $3,009 76 gas card payment


The one thing that I really love about this car is the size of it. From always owning small compact cars but wanting an SUV this crossover is the perfect step for me, when trying to find a SUV I was overwhelmed with the size of most of them out there and I found myself not feeling comfortable behind the wheel of them. When I tried out this Mazda RX-7 the I was comfortable and found the size to be perfect for what I wanted and needed, it gave me a little more room than what I was use to but not to much that I felt lost. The one thing that I disliked about it at first was this annoying dinging that would sound at odd times, I could not for the life of me figure it out and it was starting to get frustrating. I tried doing research online about the problem but I did not have any luck locating annoying seeming to have the same issue as I was. Then all of a sudden while driving I realized what the noise was, this car is equipped with the blind spot package and it just so happens that when the blind spot notification is on when you put your blinker on to turn into the next lane it is giving you a warning so you know someone is next to you. I feel the quality of the vehicle compared to the price was great, I feel as if I got all of the things that I wanted and a price that was lowering than I wanted. I feel the car performs well when being driving in typical driving conditions I have not had the opportunity to see how it handles in snowy conditions but if I were to base my thoughts about how it will handle in the snow I would say I have nothing to worry about should the occasion to drive in the snow arises.

The top positive things of this vehicle is the blind spot package. The blind spot package comes in really handy when you are driving down the highway in traffic but the traffic is still moving pretty freely, it give you an extra set of eyes in way because it gives you a back up for knowing when there is enough space between you and the car next to or behind you so you can move over with a little less nervousness. Another feature that I find to be a positive is the back up camera, it really comes in handy when you need to parallel park between two cars and no one is with you to help you. The built in navigation is helpful when I am traveling to a new area because using the navigation system that is built in to the vehicle leaves my phone free in cause I need it in an emergency. I also love the satellite radio, even though it is an extra service that I have to pay phone it is so nice to not have to listen to all the talking and commercials that they have on regular radio, however you still have the option of listening to normal radio if you want all you have to do is press a button to switch. My most favorite thing about this vehicle is that ability to have my phone synced to the car so that I am able to answer my phone hands free while using the speakers in the car.

As much as I love the vehicle and have a lot of positive things to say about it there are a few negative things about it also. The one thing I find to be the most negative is the fuel efficiency, I would have liked for it to get better gas mileage per tank than it does. Some of the negative things that I have come across also happen to be part of the positive things that I love. I really feel like there are good and bad points to everything, for example for as much as I love the blind spot package there is a negative aspect to it also. Sometimes when I am driving down a road without other cars around me the blind spot indicator will go off, its not big negative but it is annoying. Another thing that is a negative is the key fob, for whatever reason even after chaining the battery sometimes it just will not unlock the car, even being the correct distance away. Even thought it does have a built in key so you are never really locked out of your car it is hard to take out when your hands are loaded with bags. Another thing that is a negative and really annoying is when I get in my car and my phone will sync but it won’t allow you to hear the radio playing for some reason. I will thing go into my phone settings and disconnect it so the radio is able to be used but not more than two minutes later it is doing the same thing and I find the only way to fix the problem is to turn off the Bluetooth on my phone so it will no longer connect. This is my biggest negative because if my phone rings I am no longer able to answer it since the phone is not synced with the car at this point.