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The drive is the best/smoothest I have experienced compared to all other vehicles I have driven. The ability to check my speed easily, with both a digital speedometer above the steering wheel and signature speedometer in the middle of the dashboard, is highly beneficial especially in residential areas. The interior materials look and feel high quality, although the black leather does get scolding hot during Florida summers. I enjoy the ability to unlock the doors by simply pressing the button on the door handle, and while I understand the safety reasons behind not automatically unlocking all of the doors, I would prefer the option to choose. The vehicle preforms above my expectations while also being practical in terms of gas mileage, size, and comfort. The trunk is obviously compact, but its sunken in so groceries fit perfectly. The back row of seats also have the ability to fold down. I was able to fit large corn hole boards in the back and still leave one seat up for a backseat passenger.

Perhaps my favorite qualities are the crisp steering, athletic handling, and smooth brakes. It is a fun vehicle to drive, especially on the highway. It has the ability to be driven as a manual or automatic. All of the seats have a ample amount of leg room and are comfortable. The sun/moon roofs add to the enjoyment of the drive. To activate the windshield wipers you can simply press in on the knob which automatically senses the amount of rainfall and adjusts the speed accordingly so you are not fumbling trying to adjust the speed. The rear parking sensors are helpful for when you are backing up. The ability to connect your phone though both an auxiliary cord and Bluetooth are much appreciated. Being able to take hands-free calls and have GPS navigation over the car speaker allows for less distraction. Due to its size, parking is hassle free. Comfortable enough for short road trips with enough for a week’s worth of luggage. It provides information on every aspect of the car, including when you are low on gas and how far you can go with the remaining gas, which is particularly helpful on road trips when you need to know if you can make it to the next exit for gas.

While the majority of the vehicle is user friendly, the gauges and audio controls are confusing. They require using a knob to change between radio channels and other settings which can be cumbersome and potentially dangerous when driving. For its price point, it lacks basic conveniences, such as a back up camera, which is now considered a necessity for most drivers. The lack of which is increasingly noticeable due to the lack of adequate visibility out of the back. More phone chargers, including a cigarette lighter and power adapter in the back seat would be appreciated. Also, more cup holders in the back. The gas mileage is typical, nothing extraordinary. I find it odd that the vehicle requires premium fuel, as I have never experienced that with another vehicle. Storage space is very limited, especially in the front middle console. Even looking for a spot to place your cell phone when driving is difficult to find without sacrificing a cup holder. Also, while I like the press to start feature, I’ll admit I have forgotten to press the button twice when exiting the vehicle, which is required to turn it off. Luckily, my passenger was able to remind me.