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My Nissan JUKE has been a decent car so far. While it does not have all of the bells and whistles of a more expensive vehicles, it has decent features. It drives pretty smoothly and gets pretty good gas mileage, although it requires higher octane gas due to the turbo-charged engine. It accelerates very quickly when it sport mode, and has an economy mode you can switch to as well, which I like. The car is not very spacious inside and I have had several family members and friends complain about being cramped while riding in the backseat. I haven’t had any mechanical/engine issues so far and have owned the car for over three years. The placement of the headlights, or maybe the brightness of them, causes some difficulty seeing distance at night unless you are using the high-beams. I wish that this would not be an issue. You also have to reset the climate control settings every time you restart the car. I would prefer it to remember my last settings upon restarting. The quality of the interior is great, it has held up very well. Also, the keyless entry and push button start have come in very handy. I really appreciate not having to dig through my purse and fumble for my keys every time I go somewhere. Overall, I would give the Nissan JUKE a 3 out of 5 stars for holding up so well and the lack of any mechanical issues. There are just some features I would like changed if I were to purchase again.

As I said, one of the top positive things about this vehicle, is that it has held up very well for the past several years, both the interior and exterior of the vehicle as well as the mechanical parts. Aside from regularly scheduled service and maintenance, and a couple of recalls which were corrected for me at no charge, I have had no issues with my vehicle. I like the hands-free controls on the steering wheel both for the radio and blue tooth. It is very convenient to be able to take callas and switch between phone and radio with the click of a button on the steering wheel. I also like the iPod adapter which is in the glove box. I keep my iPod plugged in and use it daily, but it isn’t in the way or taking up any room in the center console. It can be controlled on the steering wheel and radio buttons as well. The car gets good gas mileage, which is important to me because I drive a long distance to and from work each day. I also appreciate that my JUKE is AWD, as I live in the Midwest and have to contend with driving in the snow and severe weather regularly in the winter. Finally, as I mentioned above, the vehicle drives very smoothly and is comfortable to sit in while driving. I have had other vehicles that have provided a much more bumpy, jerky, noisy ride in the past, but this is not the case with my Juke.

Some of the top negative things about this vehicle are as follows. The car is not very roomy in the backseat. I haven’t had any issues in the front as a driver, but have had numerous people complain about the lack of space in the backseat after riding as a passenger in my JUKE. It advertises that there is room for three people in the back seat, but I wouldn’t suggest taking more than two passengers in the back seat. Even with only two passengers, there is still a lack of sufficient leg room, making it uncomfortable still for those passengers. I am not very tall myself, but other tall people who have driven my car were very uncomfortable as a driver too because their heads were so close to the roof of the car while driving. The headlights as mentioned above are also an issue. I believe that it has something to do with the placement of them on the body of the car. They do not provide enough light while driving at night, causing a safety concern. The high-beams work better, but that is obviously not a viable solution most of the time. One annoyance with the vehicle, is the lack of arm rest in the front of the car. I didn’t notice/mind that it was missing when I purchased my car, but quickly realized just how much I missed this feature in my old vehicles. The center between the two front seats consists on only cup holders and a small tray and is sunken down low, so there is no place to comfortable rest your arm as a driver or front seat passenger. The tray also does not have any sort of lid on it, so there is nowhere to keep any small items that you would rather have concealed other than in the glove box. Lastly, I would prefer my climate (temperature and fan speed) and driving setting (sport, normal, and eco mode) to be remembered upon restarting the car. It is really annoying to have to reset these to the settings your prefer every time you start the car.