50 Best used nissan quest for sale, savings from $2,489 no electricity jokes


We have five kids, so we needed a vehicle that was somewhat spacious and could seat seven total people, of course, while still being able to support some cargo space. We found that in this 2012 Nissan Quest. The model we found (SL) also has all the upgrades we didn’t even know at the time would be truly beneficial to us such as DVD, two sunroofs, power driver seat, power doors, power tailgate, and plenty of cargo space behind the back row as well as the ability to fold down seats to produce even more cargo space. The positioning of the seats makes it easy to move about the cabin for buckling little kids as well as placing cargo items in any spot in the minivan. We are also pleased with the safety features that were explained to us during the purchase of the vehicle and the plethora of airbags that are installed in the cabin to ensure the safety of our family in the case of an accident. Overall, my family has been pleased with this purchase and, assuming Nissan hasn’t drastically changed the future variations of the Quest, we’d buy a new version down the road if we needed to change vehicles.

Overall, the vehicle has been very positive for us. The two sunroofs were a unique feature that actually is really nice to have. Also, the built-in DVD player has been tremendously useful since we have five kids. The vehicle does handle well on the road during dry and wet conditions. The powered tailgate and powered side doors is a nice bonus as well. The amount of cargo space this has, both with the seats in use as well as with the seats folded down, is amazing. I wouldn’t have expected a minivan to be able to haul so much within such a small cab, but we were definitely able to do quite a bit with this in terms of hauling cargo. All of the seats being able to flex forward and backward was a nice feature that we were not aware of after initial buy. It wasn’t until one of our kids realized that they could lean their seat back a bit regardless of which seat they were in, that we knew about this amazing configuration. Overall, there is not much negative we can find in this higher-end trim of the Nissan Quest.

The Nissan Quest has very few negatives and most of the negatives really have to deal with personal preferences more than anything. The 2012 Nissan Quest is a very "boxy" style of vehicle, which tends to remind people of the minivans from the ’80s and ’90s. I do understand they tried to keep as much in-cabin room as possible, but a few "curves" here and there would be tremendously beneficial to the aesthetics of the vehicle. Another negative would be the buttons that control the powered side doors and tailgate. There is a button on each of the powered doors to operate it while at the door, plus there are buttons in the driver’s area to be able to do it while sitting in the driver’s seat. This is great, and you can even disable the buttons on the powered doors themselves to where you can only use the driver’s seat buttons. All of this is great, but I wish they had separate "disabling" capability for the tailgate versus the side doors. It would be nice to be able to still close the tailgate without having to keep the side doors powered, since my kids like to play with those buttons.

The quest is a Reliable Van for example, I have driven to Florida 3 times in the Van packed with 4 kids and my wife from central New Jersey in 2 years time. The Quest has good handling in bad weather, for example last winter in January after a some freezing rain I was entering my i287 ramp that was covered in ice, the Quest handled the situation perfectly. The Quest is very roomy I can fit all 4 my children plus their luggage and toys in the Van. The Quest is also, very equip with dvd, navi, heated seat, leather and sun roof. The quest has held up great with 137000mile on it. There is slight wear and tear in the interior but everything works fine the from the engine to the headlights. The quest is very high quality I have had no problems with the trans or engine after over 137000 of driving. The Quest is also, surprisingly fuel efficient for e.g.; with no fuel bars I drive to work about 40 mile away. I love all the cup holders and little storage areas for the kids. I love my Nissan Quest it is a great Van.