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I have had my Plymouth Neon for several years. When I purchased it from a dealership with a sketchy reputation, I have to admit I was concerned that it might be a lemon. It looked rough and the on the ride home I noticed several rattles and noises. I also could tell that this vehicle had been through a flood. I had purchased it because it was the only car that I could find within my very meager budget. When I got it home to my partner and her brother who are mechanics, they looked at me like I was crazy. After a thorough inspection, we were all surprised to find that the only parts that required replacement was the air filter, some brake pads, and a spark plug. Soon I was on the road and making my 140 mile daily commute in the old Neon. I drove it had for three years without any major problems. It still runs and we use it as a back up when our newer cars need repairs. We even leant it to a family member for a few months and it still runs great. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and I am amazed every time I drive it how well it still travels. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. It is very basic, with a tape deck, manual locks and windows, and the air conditioner isn’t as cold as a new car’s. It has had two minor fender benders since we’ve owned it, and it survived those incidents without much of a problem.

My favorite memory of this vehicle is the day that I bought it and brought it home. I was desperate to purchase a vehicle and I only had $1500 to work with. A friend of mine suggested that I try a dealership in a scary part of Philadelphia. It was known for selling really cheap but beat up cars. I finally ran out of time and had to find something so I went to this car lot. There weren’t very many vehicles to choose from and very little customer service. I basically chose the Neon because it was the best looking car in my price range. I had to drive it about seventy miles to get home and the whole time I was scared to death it would break down. It smelled bad and looked worse. There were rattling noises and the air conditioner didn’t work. I was so worried about what my partner would say when I can rolling into the driveway with think clunker! She had wanted me to take out a car loan and I didn’t want the added expense. I remember standing in the garage while she and her brother began looking it over part by part. I was so relieved when they looked at me and said shockingly it seemed like a good car. I was even more relieved when the list of repairs was small and cheap. We always shake our heads at the car and say how surprised we are that this car is still running. None of us thought it would last a week when I pulled in with it!

My favorite feature of this vehicle is the gas mileage. I get about 34 miles to the gallon on highways. On city streets I get about 28 miles to the gallon. I also like the way it feels to drive the car. Its not too large and it is easy to maneuver in case of parallel parking. I’ve driven it home to visit my mother in upstate New York and it handles very well in the ice and snow. I always feel in control. The trunk is very large compared to the overall size of the car. The back seat folds down so that I can haul longer items if necessary. The interior is a charcoal gray color which is nice because it doesn’t show stains very well. I have taken this car on several long-distance trips and commuted daily over 140 miles for three years. I never experienced any break downs or major repairs. I was so confident in this vehicle that I advised my niece to purchase this same model when she was ready to purchase her first car. I imagine this car will continue to be in our hands and still running for years to come. It doesn’t run down!

I’ve experienced a few negative issues with my Neon. None of them have tarnished my overall opinion of the car very much, but they were cons nonetheless. I’m disappointed in the paint on the car. It has chipped in several places and in some cases very large chunks have fallen off. I have noticed this on other Neons that I have seen, so I assume this is a common problem. Its not a good look. The air conditioner has not held up like the rest of this vehicle. Every year it has required a re-charge and I have never had that issue with any other vehicle. Even after the charge, the air never gets as cool as I would like or as cool as my other vehicles do. I suppose that this probably has something to do with the age and wear of the vehicle, but I wish it weren’t so warm when I drive it. The heater works pretty well, but it takes a long time for the car to get warm if it has been in the cold. The stereo speakers are also a bit touchy. Most of the time they work just fine, but once in awhile the rear speaker on the driver’s side stops working and then will suddenly begin working again. This can make volume control a little tricky sometimes.

Unfortunately, while a driver may get his or her money’s worth out of this vehicle‘s first 10 years of life, after that the Mexican-based manufactured parts start to show severe wear, with reliability issues. Ignition components such as spark plugs use older copper-lined points, which require spark plug replacement about every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Normal brake pads only last about 30,000 miles, and are usually replaced with equally cheap rotors, instead of being re-machined and re-packed. Also, as the car hits the 10-year mark, its water pump and leaking radiator should definitely be replaced as a preventative action to prevent severe breakdown and future overheating. Also, this car, unlike many other Chrysler products of the era, doesn’t have anti-lock brakes, traction control, or other safety guards other than seat belts and a driver and passenger dashboard-mounted airbag. So, this is a definite strike against its crash safety rating. Expect paint clear-coat failure and chipping at the 20-year mark as well.

I purchased this car with cash from a private party. By the time I got it, it was pretty much on its last legs. Almost nothing worked on it, and it rumbled to beat the band! It got me to and from work for a few months before it died a slow and peaceful death. Controls were comfortably situated inside the vehicle, and the seats were comfortable. It also had quite a roomy trunk for major shopping trips. The gas mileage wasn’t bad, considering the age and condition of the car. The speedometer had long ceased to work, so I always had to make sure I was keeping pace with, but not overtaking, the rest of the automobile traffic. When I purchased the car, I realized that it might not have much life left in it. So I tried to just enjoy it for what it was as long as I had it. It granted me more independence for a time and contributed to the easing of transportation conflicts in our household. All in all, I would say that the car was OK. It ran for a few months, helped me make money and keep my job. I think it was also the only car I ever owned outright.