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I love my Subaru Crosstrek. It is has a beautiful body i gas shares that is a sleek mix between SUV and car. The entire look of the car fits my personality exactly. It runs great in the snow, which is important in my Rocky Mountain home. The hatchback opens up to a massive amount of space for all of my fun toys, including a child carrier, tents, skis, strollers, playpens, you name it. I have even fit a recliner in the back of this beast! I also have the back up camera, which is a necessity, and I don’t know how I lived without it for so long! The only downfall I have found to my crosstrek is the amount of noise it makes on the interstate. Especially if I have the windows down. That aside, however, I get 34+ miles to the gallon, have never slid on icy roads, can go up a snowy hill without a hitch, and I didn’t even have to give up comfort! I love that it sits up high, and the seats are fully adjustable and soft. Oh don’t forget those seat heaters! Another feature I have never had, but could never again go without! Overall, this car was my dream car. I had wanted it since I first saw a commercial for it. It has not disappointed. It is everything I had ever wanted in a car gas after eating fruit.

I knew that I wanted a car that had the all-weather power of my previous larger SUV, but more compact and more eco-friendly. The Subaru Crosstrek met all these requirements and more. I have driven it through mud gas mask tattoo, on ice, in snow, and all across the Northeastern, Southeastern and Midwest United States. It gets fantastic gas mileage and it is very comfortable to ride in for long periods of time, which is great for someone like me who does a lot of road-tripping. For quick trips and city driving, it’s compact enough to drive in congested areas, easily parallel park, and when driving it I don’t feel like I have to worry about any blind spots like I would with a larger SUV or small sports car. The leather on the interior is easy to clean, and the console area is well-constructed: it has enough spots for drinks, holding your phone, and other electronics, but it isn’t too bulky to the point that it is difficult to get comfortable electricity and circuits. The hatchback design makes it great for transporting large items, and the seats are easy to push down to create even more room.

My favorite feature of this vehicle is the overall comfort in driving it. The wheel base is long enough and low enough to the ground that it feels like driving a luxury sedan, even when driving through snowy, icy or muddy conditions. The seats are very adjustable to fit anyone of pretty much any size, which was important to me, as I am a very small woman, and in other cars I’ve driven, I had to choose between comfortably reaching the pedals and comfortable back support, but in the Crosstrek, I don’t sacrifice either. I upgraded to the Crosstrek after driving an SUV that got around 11 mpg on the highway, and the Crosstrek gets about 30, which more than pays for itself in how electricity and magnetism ppt much I am saving on gas. I also used my Crosstrek to make a 1000 mile move, and was able to pack it up with nearly everything I own aside from furniture, without losing any visibility due to the great body styling and placement of side mirrors. Finally, even though to some people it’s an afterthought, I really enjoy the heated seats in the winter time, and the sound system quality is fantastic for listening to music, audiobooks, and talk radio.

I don’t have very many negative things to say about this vehicle, but the one thing that I’d focus on is that it doesn’t have as much pickup upon acceleration as my old V8 SUV did. This can be a bit annoying when moving in and out of start-stop traffic in larger cities like Chicago or NYC, and for people who like a speedy car, this electricity grounding works is not the one for you. In addition, though I have had no major problem with the car in terms of repairs (aside from normal maintenance because I drive a lot), I have had problems with the sensors for oil levels and tire pressure, and they often alert to low oil/low pressure even when both the oil levels and tire pressure are fine. Unfortunately, fixing this problem requires replacement of the sensors and getting into the computer system of the car, which is about a $300 fix, so I’ve decided to just keep an eye on my oil levels and tire pressure with the dipstick and an old-fashioned tire gauge, which is what I did with my old car. But I was disappointed that I still have to do this with a newer car that shouldn’t have problems testing the oil/tire mp electricity bill payment online indore pressure.