50 Best used toyota prius v for sale, savings from $2,609 k electric jobs test


This is a good looking vehicle that gets 45 mpg. The paint is white with metallic flecks that gives it a pearl appearance. It has aluminum wheels that makes it look a little sporty. The interior is light beige, and the light color makes it seem larger inside. We haven’t experienced any mechanical problems. You only have to change the oil every 10,000 miles. (This was a change made after we purchased the vehicle, so the owners manual says 5,000 miles, and the oil change light comes on at 5,000 miles, which is annoying, but you can reset it.) It’s keyless, so it’s really easy to get in and out, and you just put the key in your pocket, and you are good to go. The vehicle has a lot of road noise, likely because it doesn’t have a lot of insulation to keep the weight down and the gas mileage up. We purchased new Michelin tires and that seems to have helped a little, but you still cannot hear the radio very well when driving down a concrete freeway at 65 mph. (The new tires also greatly improved its road handling, especially in rain). The Prius does not have a lot of power, but there is a power mode you can use if you need a spurt to merge into traffic or to pass someone going up hill. The visibility out the back is horrible. We usually have the back seats down so at least they aren’t obstructing vision. The leather seats, while they look nice, are hard – really hard. I sit on a pillow, both because the seats are hard and to improve visibility because the seats are kind of low. While there is good head room, my husband complains that there is not room enough for his feet when driving. Another thing we have noticed is that the hatch back does not automatically go up all the way. In fact, you have to push it up manually and you have to push pretty hard. We have bumped our heads because the hatch back was not pushed up all of the way.

The Toyota Prius V is an awesome vehicle. One of my favorite things of course is the phenomenal gas mileage. We average from 45-48 MPG. It has a leather interior and heated seats. The AC works well. The GPS gets us where we are going without any problems so obviously the updates are indeed up to date for the most part. The stereo system has a lot of choices and my phone hooks to it with ease for MP3 listening. The speaker system is quite adequate even for the rear seat listeners. The vehicle is kind of like the station wagons from years gone by only with more headroom, better gas mileage, more luxury and more versatility. The "power mode" feature is fantastic. Having never had this on a vehicle before, I’ve really come to depend on it to help me get around slower vehicles on a 2-lane road more quickly and safely. If I had one complaint it would be the positioning of the drink holders. On an older model Prius we had there were 2 holders in the center console which was much more convenient than just the one with the passenger one being a retractable holder. Being able to put the seats down flat gives you great hauling capacity. We have even hauled 8 foot lumber pieces. I’ve had the back full of bags of mulch for my garden and plants. The backup camera really comes in handy then. The fuel usage panel is pretty handy also. It helps you to adjust your driving to a level where you are getting the best mileage. My husband actually uses it to see how many miles he can get on a tank of gas. We only have about 40k miles on the car currently, but if it performs as well as our 2007 Prius which now has well over 200k miles on it, I will be a happy camper.