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I love my silver Toyota rav4. This is an exceptional vehicle! The gas mileage is not as bad as many other vehicles that are of the same style. The outside of the vehicle has little to no rust and has stayed in great condition despite the weather in the area. I have had no major issues with the vehicle and would recommend it for friends and family! I have driven it daily for the past six months since I got it and have put 30,000 miles on it in this amount of time and it has handled the wear and tear exceptionally well. It has great assets such as the CD player, cruise control, automatic windows and locks, cassette player, cigarette lighter plug, and lots of storage space. I like the size of the vehicle. The backseats fold both up and down and can create room for many items. I have fit TVs, tables, desks, and a few other big items in the back of mine. It is very effective for my camping gear and with the 4 wheel drive I am able to go camping on rough terrain and drive my vehicle to my spot. It is nice for big families with five places to sit and nice for travelers with a heavy load to move. I moved into my new place much quicker in this vehicle than I have in the past due to the ability to hold so many items and create sufficient space. The spare tire is on the back of the vehicle and allows me to have more space inside the car, but also safe with a spare in case of a flat. Although I’ve ran it pretty hard, it has held up nicely. The struts and tires are the only things that have needed changed. My air conditioner finally stopped working the other day, but this is only a minor issue and one of the first I have had so I cannot complain. It has plenty of power and is the perfect size. I would definitely buy another vehicle of this make and model in the future when this one finally gives out. It is currently at 112,000 miles and still runs like it did the day I bought it.

My Toyota Rav4 has many pros when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle. For example, it has some features that suit my lifestyle quite well. It features automatic locks and windows making it easier for me to use. My dome light will stay on when the car is not running until I lock the door. This is a great reminder to lock the door when exiting the vehicle. It has a CD player allowing me to blast my favorite CDs on the stereo while driving. The cassette player is also nice because I bought a cassette adapter which allows me to easily play music through my phone or other musical device. I also love the storage space that can be created by moving the seats both ways. The tire on the back is nice in case of a flat and efficient go save space inside the vehicle. The inside features many cubbyholes and hidden storage compartments that allows me to have many items in my car but out of sight from others. It has plenty of power and has had no major issues despite the 30,000 miles it has endured in the past six months. It includes two cigarette lighter which allows my boyfriend and I to charge our mobile phones at the same time. I believe this vehicle has many more pros than cons.