50 Min delay from gatwick. avoid! – review of national express, birmingham, england – tripadvisor gas 1981


This was a TAKE TWO, as it happened to my elderly parents before me… I booked a return ticket on the National Express from a little town in Hertfordshire to Heathrow Airport. The coach never turned up. It could not even be tracked as the driver had turned his tracker off (I was told)!!!! The help centre could not track it either and nobody was able to help me. Their 9gag wiki website could not track the coach either… I waited for about 1hr30′ in heavy rain and constant gasco abu dhabi careers splashing from passing vehicles!!! Had to take a taxi to the airport in the end and had to pay £92.50 almost missing my flight….. I complained in an email on my return….. THis was followed by 13 other email to various people in the company over a 20 day period, I have received 3 replies, 1 of them topped and tailed and one other just tailed, the third one was very rushed in which I was flogged off to yet another manager (managing what, I am still unsure!!!!!!) This is still ongoing…. I am still waiting for pictures electricity pylons the refund I was promised would come my way very swiftly!!!!! This company is just a disgrace……

After usually using the train to get to Heathrow we decided that this time we would try the coach from Cardiff gas city indiana car show. On buying the ticket from a friendly assistant, who said that buying a ticket for two hours after our flight landed would be fine, we felt pretty good. V The long journey up was uneventful. On our return our plane was delayed which meant that the 10.35 coach back from terminal 5 was not possible. Going to terminal 3 seemed more practical. On arrival at the coach terminal we explained our predicament to one of the national express coach and bus team who told us that we could get on the 11.10 which was due shortly. Hearing that was are life. However on trying to board the coach we were told that we would have to amend our ticket electricity prices going up. Despite the fact that we had paid for the seats and were due to be on the coach anyway. By the time we queued to amend the ticket we missed the departure of the coach. Upon reaching the front of the queue and talking with a national express operator about gas equations chemistry the delay and informing her that we were not told that we had to get an amended ticket at an additional cost, we were told we would have to buy two new tickets to get the 12.10 coach at a cost of £48.00. When we asked why this was we were told that it was policy. We reluctantly and calmly paid for the new gasbuddy nj tickets. We were told we could claim on out travel policy which seemed a little bit like passing the buck and receiving £48.00 or rather £24.00 for non provider of a service. I would not be travelling using national express again. The irony is that if we had used the train we would have paid £96.00 for the trip with a shorter trip there and a flexible return because we had bought the tickets nearly three months in advance, without having to pay extra for a flexible coach ticket which we were then only told electricity jeopardy powerpoint about after the event. Very, very poor

I’m disappointed to hear about your experience with National Express. It would seem that you were given conflicting advice from staff at Heathrow. Our policy is that if you miss your scheduled gas apple pay service you would need to either amend your ticket before the original journey time, otherwise you would need to purchase a new ticket. As it is not always possible for customers to amend their ticket in time if they are flying into the UK we offer a Flexible Airport Add On when booking online. The add on can be added on at a cost of £5 per person each way and allows you to be completely flexible electricity vs magnetism venn diagram with which coach you board to and from the airport. You get one free amendment for each leg of the journey, and can get a refund on your ticket up to 24 hours before departure. I understand that the episode has probably tarnished your opinion of National Express, but I do hope you have not been put off travelling with us in the future gaz 67 sprzedam. Hopefully the information I have provided reassures you that travelling to and from the airport with us is not always bad as the experience you had. Kind regards Jamie