501 administrators, frustrated parents clash over randolph gas leak

The handling of a Jan. E payment electricity bill up 14 gas leak at a local elementary school prompted a series of complaints by parents during the past two months to administrators and utility authorities that culminated this week in an impassioned PTO meeting and a surprise inspection of the school by Kansas Gas Service.

The parents’ concerns centered on whether students should have evacuated Randolph Elementary on Jan. Gasbuddy near me 14 and why school administrators didn’t inform them in writing about the issue, which Topeka Unified School District 501 said was a minor leak that didn’t warrant evacuation.

The principal indicated to staff and parents that Kansas Gas Service was contacted that day. Gas efficient suv 2013 The company’s records, however, indicate otherwise.

“We respond any time we receive a report of a possible gas odor,” Kansas Gas Service spokeswoman Dawn Ewing wrote, and said the company only has a record of a matter at the school on Jan. Electricity history facts 10, which concerned a nonfunctioning boiler but not a gas smell.

Thursday’s gas inspection led Randolph staff to evacuate students at 8:30 a.m. Gastroparesis as they were arriving for the day. Electricity demand Students remained at an off-site location until Kansas Gas Service gave the all-clear about 9:10 a.m., Kruger said.

On Jan. Gas vs electric water heater cost per year 14, the smell of gas at Randolph prompted staff to call USD 501’s maintenance center, which visited the school and, according to administrators, found a cracked part on a boiler. Tgask Maintenance staff fixed the boiler and left.

But weeks later, concerns grew among parents, who began to hear of the matter from school employees. T gas terengganu Some parents wrote anonymous letters to the superintendent or school board or contacted the Kansas Corporation Commission seeking an independent check of the school’s equipment.

One school board member, Scott Mickelsen, responded to a patron’s letter by writing in an email that “parents should have been notified” of the Jan. Electricity 220v 14 situation.

On Tuesday, the growing voices of concern prompted a PTO forum, during which Randolph community members peppered the principal and her supervisor with questions and urged them to take a more proactive approach to communication.

On Thursday morning, the Kansas Gas Service received “a report of a possible gas odor” at the school, prompting it to investigate, Ewing said. Gas quality by brand Separately, a KCC spokesman confirmed Thursday that a KCC employee had called Kansas Gas Service about the concerns reported to that agency.

The Jan. Electricity questions for class 10 14 situation at Randolph happened four days before students at another USD 501 school, Shaner Elementary, evacuated their building because of a gas leak. Electricity generation efficiency When parents later learned about Randolph’s leak, some said their children should have been evacuated as Shaner students had. O gascon Parents said they heard conflicting stories at the school about how strong the gas smell at Randolph had been and whether some staff had fallen ill.

On Tuesday, principal Karen Williams and her supervisor, Juanita Erickson — USD 501’s general director of elementary education — said the leak was slight and no reports were made from staff feeling sick.

“The service center worker who came said that the only area that you could smell gas was right around the left side of the boiler, and that there wasn’t a huge concern,” Williams told parents. Gas and supply acworth ga “It wasn’t like a saturation of gas.”

Williams wrote something similar in an email to staff last month, saying “procedures were followed. Electricity usage in the us The service center was called who called the gas company.”

Her explanations didn’t satisfy parents, a few of whom said their understanding from talking to gas companies or reading cautions printed on their gas bills is that people should leave the vicinity of any gas smell, then call their utility company.

“Is there not a way we can change the policy in this school?” asked parent April Veltman. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade “If somebody in this building smells gas, I want my child evacuated.”

On Thursday, The Topeka Capital-Journal asked the KCC and Kansas Gas Service whether a gas smell should prompt an evacuation. C gastritis The KCC said gas utilities “are required to show up on emergency calls involving the smell of natural gas. Gas south The decision on whether to evacuate is the responsibility of local emergency responders. Electric zap sound effect free As always, if ever in doubt about the presence of gas, call 911 immediately.”

Kansas Gas Service said it encourages “anyone who suspects a gas leak to leave the area immediately, and from a safe distance, call 911 or our gas leak emergency number at 1-888-482-4950.”

Randolph’s principal said she was off-site at the time at a Topeka Unified School District 501 principals’ meeting. Gas turbine She said she heard about the leak only after it had been resolved, and therefore couldn’t make a decision about whether to evacuate.

This is the one way in which USD 501 administrators say district procedures weren’t followed on Jan. Hp gas kushaiguda phone number 14. Electricity song lyrics They say staff aware of the gas smell should have notified the principal or the two teachers who are in charge in her absence, and that this has been made clear to all Randolph employees since that incident.

Parents at Tuesday’s PTO meeting said Williams or the district also should have notified them. Electricity was invented This, they said, could have stemmed the tide of concerns by clarifying in writing what happened. Electricity nightcore Instead, parents said they were left to learn about the situation on an individual basis.

“It ends up being several” parents who hear about something and seek information, said Tosha Webster Ross, “but not 400 who deserve to know.”

Webster Ross suggested parents should be informed about such situations as this in the same way they are told about other school matters, such as fundraising.

She thanked school staff, however, for reviewing their procedures following the incident, describing it as a positive that could emerge from the situation.

“It’s not typical that we communicate something that we didn’t do,” Erickson told the PTO gathering. Electricity kwh cost uk “So had we evacuated the building, it is protocol then that a note would have gone home.”

“You could pick up the phone and have that phone call, instead of relying on rumors, instead of having to bring it to a public forum, instead of letting it go on for as long and long and long as it has,” she said.

“I hear what you’re saying, and I have given that recommendation to the district team,” she said. Electricity transmission vs distribution “And then they’ll evaluate that and see if that’s added into our protocol or not.”

An internal memo obtained by The Capital-Journal appears to indicate top administrators already have considered the matter. Orlando electricity providers On Feb. Electricity jewels 22, assistant superintendent Tammy Austin wrote in a memo to principals on gas leaks: “Regardless of whether or not you evacuate the building, please make sure your direct supervisor and Ms. Electricity vs gas heating costs Kelly Mosher (deputy superintendent Larry Robbins’ administrative assistant) are informed as to what has occurred. Gas city indiana car show Also, communicate with your staff and parents so they know what has occurred as well. Electricity billy elliot karaoke It’s important that everyone knows the precautions that were taken, why the decision was made to evacuate or not evacuate, and that everyone on the school campus is safe. Gas hydrates wiki (Keep in mind that you have Parent Link available for this type of communication.)”

ParentLink is a software used to communicate with families. Gas meter car USD 501 used it Thursday morning to inform Randolph parents when the building was evacuated and when students were returned to school. K electric company duplicate bill Parents who want such notifications can sign up for ParentLink on the district’s website ( https://www.topekapublicschools.net/parent-info/parentlink/) or download the ParentLink app for iPhone or Android and sign up there.