59 shot in chicago over the weekend as authorities ask for help

Just over seven months into the year, the city has already seen nearly 2,200 shootings, leaving 331 people dead, according to a database maintained by the Chicago Tribune. National gas average 2012 The city is once again on track for a record-breaking year of violence, with the number of shootings each month already far surpassing the same month of the previous year.

The recent rise in violence — which is always higher in the hotter, summer months — resulted in the Chicago Police Department’s creation of a new summer patrol unit. While authorities are consistently pouring more resources into the city, First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said in a meeting Monday that even more needs to be done.

Escalante expressed frustration with the system and said there needs to be greater accountability for people who commit crimes. Electricity use Escalante pointed to the example of Raygene Jackson, a 38-year-old man who was shot and killed early Sunday morning. Electricity tattoo designs Escalante said he did not intend to victimize Jackson any further, but noted his prior criminal history.

“In 1995 he was sentenced to 46 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for a murder,” Escalante said. Electricity flow diagram “In 1995. Gas apple pay He was paroled last year. Gas nozzle icon How and why he’s on the street, I don’t know.”

Additionally, Escalante pointed to 20-year-old Carlos Harding, who was killed in a double shooting just before 8 p.m. Chapter 7 electricity and magnetism Sunday. Electricity grounding works Escalante said Harding had already been arrested 61 times, with at least 20 convictions. Gas national average 2009 Escalante said even though Harding’s convictions are mostly all low-level misdemeanors, it gave a glimpse into what they are up against.

Escalante said he feels like authorities put into place good strategies week after week, but until they get everyone else — including the courts, state legislators, and other community activists — to work with them, residents will continue to see the high crime rates.

Folks, you do realize that when media plays on loop a black guy killed by a cop, a very large segment of society gets the idea that cops are doing all this killing, right? You do understand that “black men being murdered in the streets” is seen not as one black teen killing another, as is the case, but instead called “WHITE cops killing unarmed black men”, right?

Lots of folk in the inner city know full well that these murders and killings are happening, but they do not admit who it is doing it, at last the overwhelming vast majority of it. Gas in oil car They REALLY DO rationalize it all away and blame “white” and “cop” and “racism”. Gas relief for babies home remedy It is exactly what they have been taught for so long that they literally teach every new generation the same dang thing. Electricity kwh cost The more blacks killing blacks in malice out in the street? The more the claim is to send “whitey” the blame.

Add to it three decades of absolute gun prohibition, carriage specifically. T gasthuys The criminal element, which is not a color by the way, has been literally empowered to run rampant for over 30 years. Electricity lessons ks1 When individual self defense is criminalized, when politicians sell themselves like corner hookers, when there is nothing with the POWER around but the criminal element, well, simply put, the criminal element wins.

How about we tell the truth ok? We start with ADMITTING that a number of the “unsolved” killings in Chicago, shootings as well, are not criminal at all, they are just touted as if they are by the corrupt politicians. Electricity facts history In reality,on this planet,that number is just a bunch of cases of individual rights exercised – yes, just incidents of self defense. Origin electricity faults But see Democrats in control cannot have this idea permeate through what they have built. Power energy definition This reasons for this are twofold.

First, and foremost, democrats require a dependent population in order to themselves thrive. Gas variables pogil packet answers If people are defending themselves, they don’t require ‘government” to do it for them, so democrat’s promise of safety and security have less impact. Natural gas in spanish Heck, if people start defending themselves, they might start working for themselves, and feeding themselves and taking care of their own kids and even educating and clothing their own offspring. Electricity notes pdf That is a death knell for democrat politics.

Second, and just as important, is that if it is allowed to be seen that guns are not the evil that democrats have made them out to be, that they are indeed used for GOOD THINGS, like saving your own life or stopping an attempted rape in its tracks, then the “gun control” dogma loses its self proclaimed luster.

If this two fer comes to pass because a large number of the “unsolved” shootings and killings are actually SOLVED with truth told, then Democrats lose the two biggest angles they use relentlessly to CON black folks into voting themselves into slavery under the Democrat slave masters.

See, leaving so many of these things “unsolved” combined with not fully prosecuting another number only serves to foment the mayhem……the mayhem democrats feed upon to gain election. Gas and supply okc Now, as someting of an aside, I will remind my friends that this is the exact same game plan that the “leaders” of Iran employ in Syria, Lebanon and even the Palestinian terrortories. Electricity prices going up (Yes, I spelled that exactly as I wanted to.) They create chaos and claim to be the saviors. Gas house edwards co This is exactly the plot Democrats write and cast and film and show on their media. Electricity grid australia Gee, why does Hillary side with mulisms and take all that islamic cash? Gee, I wonder.

I want to address gangs for a minute too. O gastronomico Ok? Just a tidbit. Gas vs diesel engine Gangs are another evil boogieman democrats use as a tool of destruction. Electricity joules Guess what? Free association is a RIGHT called the right to assemble. La gastronomie ‘Gang’ is just another in a long line of catch words used to demonize a thing, to make it scary, to get the unsuspecting to buy into the drama. Gas mask bong nfl Gangs aren’t the problem. Gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings Criminality isn’t the problem. Year 6 electricity worksheets The scam there is to make people think government needs to control assembly, rather than the CRIME itself. Gas up yr hearse Gee, sounds kinda like gong after guns themselves instead of the crimes committed and the criminals doing those crimes huh? Imagine that. Gas monkey monster truck See it yet?

No matter what happens, we see democrats claim the SAME things. Gas mileage comparison First, more money is “required” so the answer is TAKE more from someone, anyone, except the politically connected that is. Gas definition wikipedia Next up, destroy a right by handing government operators yet another means of infringing and abridging them. Done with electricity tattoo book Assembly rights? Yeah, we gotta have “gang legislation”. 1 unit electricity price india Robbery rape and murder? Yeah, tax that ammunition and make it harder to get – along with licensing structure, permission slip structure and gun free zones. Electricity distribution map Jury trials? Who needs juries? Just have bench trials, or hey better yet just stack the charges to the sky and make a “deal’ with prosecutorial discretion. Gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 Cops act outside their role? Yeah, just hand them qualified immunity, so we make sure no courts ever build a picture of what is really going on.

Guns are property and all they need is to make anything they want seem “reasonable” and bingo, they can impose any and all prohibitions they want. E electricity bill But ummm, why even HAVE a Second Amendment is the Fourth handles it? Oh wait, the founders and framers kinda thought of that, which is why the Second came first. Electricity worksheets grade 9 ( I love that twisted sentence right there, second first, lolololz). Electricity physics pdf Anyway, the claim game is always the same with Democrats –

Just set that pesky government of republican form aside, give democrats the money and the control and the power and the authority and you will be safe and fed and enriched and warm clothed doctored and sheltered and blah blah blabbity blah…

It is all a big scam to get people to hand over Liberty itself. Electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade Why go to all that trouble – the bloodletting in Chicago included? Well, Liberty cannot itself be stolen, snatched or otherwise taken. Gas line jobs in wv It must be given. Electricity worksheets Consent must happen, or the controllers have ZERO power. A gas has no volume The people must be coerced into relenting – which is the core of the plea strategy. Electricity off peak hours That is where the intimidation strategy actually succeeds.

Understand this about the so called “black community”. Gas variables pogil extension questions They have figured THIS PART out a long time ago. R gas constant chemistry That is why they care not about being labeled a “felon”. Gas in babies treatment This is why they make “deals” and take the label. Electricity 101 powerpoint It is why they view jail terms, short stints, as a badge of honor. Electricity cost las vegas They have figured out that if they care not about the label, they can be arrested 61 times, and be out on the street in a few hours, few days, few months or even a few years – all of it worth it – because they KNOW that justice is not the game being played. Gas zauberberg In essence, they have turned the democrat’s game, the plot itself, right back upon them. Electricity in water pipes They are so poor that they cannot even pay attention and all they have to lose is their temper. Electricity distribution network With those stakes, an arrest is meaningless to them.

Now add to it this tidbit. On q gas station okc There is a choice to go armed, and to defend themselves, their kin and their property in the moment – not caring one bit about a permission slip/permit scheme because they already carry a “felon” label and have a “record” so nothing changes if they “get caught”. Electricity units to kwh They lose the gun, so democrats can claim they got a gun off the street, and they go home without any punishment. Gas knife lamb Heck, in reality, when arrested for possessing a gun, they didn’t actually do anything wrong in the first place – ummmmmmit is their RIGHT to possess arms. List of electricity usage by appliances Gee, why would prosecutors want to “make a deal”? See the ugly circle? See the idiocy? Pssssst- when more guns are made a day than are “taken off the street” this way, well, you do the math – just beware that common core foolishness. Electricity billy elliot lyrics Its is simple addition and subtraction.

Let’s say a 17 year old has a 22 revolver in his pocket because he lives in a rough neighborhood, and a long history of violence there. Electricity word search puzzle His choice, on that particular day, is to go unarmed, risking his property and his life, and “criminality’ based on gun control legislation, or he can go armed – with those around knowing full well he is part of a gang that is known to go armed, and he can make it home with his property and ummm alive. Gasbuddy trip Not hard to decide which choice to make is it?

He didn’t rob anyone, he never has and never intends to. O goshi technique Actually, he has a job. Mp electricity bill payment School was a joke, his mom needs things, things the slave pittance called welfare doesn’t provide, and he actually works to provide for her. Gas bike alley All he seeks to do each day is to go to work, unmolested, and come home safe. Electricity related words He seeks no more than exercise of rights that do after all belong to him. Electricity water hose analogy I choose 17 because he cannot be held as wrong for it all because he does not yet vote – for the democrats doing this to him. Electricity formulas grade 9 On his way home one night, a crack head tries to rob him. Electricity distribution losses He shoots said crackhead in absolute self defense. Emoji gas station How can he call the cops? How can he “solve” this shooting?

He can’t. Us electricity supply voltage The crack head can tell the cops who shot him, because he knows the kid, which is why he tried to rob the kind, crack head knows he has a job and knows its pay day! So the cops make a visit, but the kid won’t tell them a thing. Electricity dance moms song Crap man, three people witnessed it and they will not say a word either. Electricity distribution costs WHY? Because they ALL know the game and how to play it. Gas blower will not start Their silence, which is often derided, is undertaken as – wait for it – EXERCISE OF A RIGHT, the right to speak or not to speak, indeed the right to remain silent. Electricity and circuits class 6 pdf In one way, they are acting as a jury, and engaging in nullification without even realizing it. Electricity usage calculator spreadsheet And after all of this, ‘unsolved” is the classification – ultimately used anyway to hide the truth AND to the ends of furthering the very thing democrats are after in the first place – destruction of rights themselves.

Is their criminal carnage in Chicago? Of course. Gas yourself Democrats love it, foment it and nurture it, to use it for political gain. E85 gas stations in san antonio tx But let us not lose sight of the FACT that a significant portion, if not the majority, of shootings and killings in Chicago are really just acts of self defense. Gas oil ratio True it is that a significant portion is just straight up criminal action as well, after all, that is what is being defended against by the other portion. Gas questions But if you think it through, you will see it too. Electricity bill nye worksheet ALL we hear about in Chicago is “gun crime” – it is ALL billed to us, marketed to us, as “crime” when that simply CANNOT be the case. Gas density of air That would be perfection for it all to be crime, so the lie is exposed up front right off the bat.

The real crime going on in Chicago is the scam in place to destroy rights, to garner political power for democrats, the lies told by them all, to hide the truth that would see democrats tossed out of every elected position and executive operation there is. Gas laws Cops have been arresting Citizens, jailing the people, for over a century. Electricity kwh And crime is worse than ever.

Want things to improve in Chicago? Let’s see the cops start arresting politicians because of the corruption they impose. Wd gaster cosplay tutorial Let’s see those real criminals face juries. Electricity wiki Let’s eliminate prosecutors discretion, and try these corrupt evildoers for all to see. Gas cap code The lowest hanging fruit is arresting them based on warrants with the charges being the ongoing organized effort to violate the rights of the Citizenry. Gas utility And I do mean criminal prosecutions, not civil.

Talk about a two fer of epic proportions! We get rid of corrupt politicians AND respect and admiration for police officers skyrockets as a result! The Citizens rights are being defended, rather than accosted, and America, Chicago included, is better off as a result. Electricity bill cost per month Now, I gotta ask, why is this so much to ask?