64 Penny stock trading rules to honor my $164,000 profit week electricity notes for class 10


Def watch that whole 75-minute presentation from my Vegas conference last year to better understand his journey from $1,500 of his own money to now over $1.4 million, see every trade HERE, in the 3 years that he’s been my student (February 2011 to February 2014) and recognize electricity in costa rica voltage that the keys to success in the stock market are not “great picks” and “having a lot of money to make more money”.

In the 4 years since, I’ve made $1.6 million in trading profits, every trade detailed HERE, and now have 2 trading challenge students who have crossed $1 million in profits, several more like these guys getting close, so I’m not even gonna look at the old rules, the rules below are ALL NEW AND REFINED due to my success and the success of my newsletter subscribers HERE:

2. Get out of trades when they don’t go my way — one step up from cutting losses quickly, many people are surprised to see me take 5-10-15 cents/share in profits if the stock doesn’t do EXACTLY what I expect it will within minutes, hours or days of my trade, depending on the expectations I lay out in the trade alert, based on patterns like these.

3. Understand the small losses and small gains don’t get me rich, but they protect me from big hp gas kushaiguda losses and if I focus on taking good trades, those that do EXACTLY what I expect DO make me rich…so the key is giving myself opportunities to hit home runs, but taking singles, doubles and even strikeouts every now and then to protect my downside risk.

5. Be able to go both long and short, I know it’s tough, but try not to be biased either way as some of the worst companies in the world have perfect technical breakouts and while static electricity bill nye that squeezes stubborn short sellers, agile traders are long the breakouts because they understand market mechanics…like VEND’s recent breakout in the $4s before it spiked to $9 and VISN’s PERFECT technical breakouts which led to serious Supernovas ( as outlined in this DVD study guide), $5-15 in 3 days, and $18 to $31 in 3 days.

6. Despite the entire world hating on penny stocks, the manipulation and the patterns it creates is predictable and so are the profits bp gas card login if you follow my teachings…many people didn’t believe me when I turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years, but now that I have 2 students doing the same, and especially Tim Grittani who is beating my rate of return given that he’s up from $1,500 to $1.41 million in 3 years, well, let’s just say you can doubt me all you want — my first millionaire student even wrote this post saying I was full of BS before coming around and making $1.2 million in just a few years now — EVERYONE comes around eventually…that’s the beauty of being 100% real and transparency.

7. Keeping a detailed trading diary on Profitly is key to figuring out what trades/patterns you should do more and less of…Tim Grittani’s mistakes when he first started with me was not being organized and trading too many random patterns…now he’s zeroed in on what works best for him and he made $80,000+ last week alone…an above average but rather typical week for him as of late.

10. Ignore non-volatile, illiquid penny stocks — every company has a “great” story, focus only on actively traded stocks that are in play and moving very quickly…as I explained to Neil Cauvto HERE on FOX I just want to make 20-50% within a few hours/days, take the meat of the move, then move onto the next hot play…not sit gas jokes around and day dream about a possible 100-500% win like far too many penny stock “investors” mistakenly strive for.

13. All of these profits and success stories sound great, but it’s important to remember 90-95% of traders lose money…how is that possible? It’s because they trade with their gut and have no specific electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade framework for trades…always go into a trade with a specific plan of what to get out at, both the ideal exit spot and the spot to exit the trade if it doesn’t go as planned.

15. Don’t believe me? In this spoof video I mention 77 blatant penny stock pumps…pause the video when the tickers come up and look at their charts…the beautiful thing about penny stocks vs. real companies, especially those that are promoted by mailers, is that it’s not a question of if the stock will crash, it’s a question of when…I have no idea where stocks like Google, Facebook and GE will be months or years from now as the people trading those names are guessing how well their products and industries will do over time…that’s a lot of guesswork with no real predictability and that’s why penny stocks are better.

23. Don’t be desperate to trade — let the best trades come to you….one of my critics once emailed me “Tim you only trade gimmes, step up and trade real stuff like Forex”. He’s damn right I only trade gas x dosage chewable gimmes and 5 out of 6 forex traders blow up in the first gas density conversion 6 months, not to mention given the liquidity and leverage entice the world’s richest and smartest people to trade there so the competition is stiff and small traders have a great disadvantage.

24. Best case scenario for penny stocks is to make a few million dollars per year…while that’s good for 99.9999% of the world, Wall Street spits on the lack of upside and so the competition down here in the gutter is almost entirely scammers and suckers…there’s a nice niche available for those of us who are honest and simply want to profit legally from all the shenanigans around us.

35. One of the coolest things about penny stocks is because the niche is so small, breaking news takes days or even weeks to get priced into stocks — as opposed to a company like Google reporting earnings and thousands of traders/investors analyzing every part of the news within seconds — see some fo my part-time trader students HERE and HERE.

37. Most students aren’t in this for the long haul — that’s why I’m raising prices on these newsletters in 2 months to weed out those who just want hot picks and not to actually study and learn my strategy (so I’d jump in now and lock in current prices FOR la gasolina lyrics translation LIFE — they fail to realize the stock market can change your life over the course of your life and the key is always keeping it int he back of your mind…not like a degenerate gambler thinking about Vegas, but just being prepared to strike when there are solid opportunities…like electricity word search ks2 a sniper in waiting.

49. If you’re complaining about watching a few videos to master an art, you need to get your perspective changed…I learned the hard way over 14 years, my fellow millionaire traders teach to help you speed up your education process…you can learn everything we know within a few decades, but if you’re diligent with your studying, you can learn it all within a few months…much better, right?

71. Don’t hate on those who literally think it’s illegal to short sell penny stocks or that the pump in which they’re invested is going to the moon…laugh off their ignorance and try to save them with good information..if they resist, recognize this is how the penny stock industry has always wb state electricity board recruitment been and the truth/promoter conspiracy is tough for people to accept…like The Matrix.

If you have any questions, don’t email me because I get 2,500+ emails/day, instead signup for my newsletters HERE and dig through my 1,500+ video lesson library and your question is probably answered in a far more comprehensive way than you ever thought possible…if you want mentoring then apply for my trading challenge HERE as I’m 100% focused on creating my 3rd millionaire student.

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