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The first time I walked into the big box baby store, scanning gun in hand to begin my first ever baby registry, I was so overwhelmed I had to walk out. The task is a daunting one. So many things you’ll need. So many things you won’t. And without any experience yet, it’s hard to know what products and gear you’ll really use.

I have two friends, newly pregnant, who are going through similar experiences. Both have stumbled upon baby registry lists that have left them feeling overwhelmed. One even wondered how she’d ever be able to afford some of the baby “must-haves” that people were telling her she needed.

So while there are many things I could include on this list, I thought I’d share some of the top baby items I never used. We’re always talking about what we need, I thought it might be fun to talk about some of things we might not. Now, before you look at that little slideshow down there, I want you to know that I completely understand that every person is different. My list of things I don’t need, is someone else’s “can’t live without”. I totally get that.

Although I don’t know what the last itme is also. I have all the other things… not an official changing table, although I would LOVE One if we had room and money for it. We use the one that’s on our Pack n’ Play (Which is our daughters official crib) but it’s too low and hard on our backs. I’m too short to use a dresser so that option is out for me. We have a real changing table at church and I love using it. As for the other items. Use the tub every time we bathe (our baby has a feeding tube in her tummy and had heart surgery) so for a while we couldn’t submerge her fully in water and the little sling in the baby tub is a life safer for that reason.

The Wipe warmer was a gift, and a friend of mine was also very insistent that it’s a necessarily thing. Well I don’t think it does anything. By the time I pull the wipe out and get it on my baby it is already cooled off. Maybe mine is just not a very good one. Who knows? Also we change her int he bathroom upstairs and don’t use warmer there, and there is no difference. Honestly I think I use it just cause it makes wipes easy to get to.

LOVE my diaper DEKOR, my little one is almost 4 mo and we’re still using the refill that was loaded in it new. I have 4 more refills ready to go, they will last a long long time I think. It really does help with the smell in her nursery. When we change her upstairs I’m always looking for baggies to put her stinky diapers in. I want to buy another one for upstairs now. Also the DEKOR ones convert to a regular trash can when you don’t need them for diapers any more. That was a selling point for me.

3) Boppy: (I used it while my little one was in the hospital because everyone said how great they are, so I figured it’s best to use it. Eventually I tried to hold her without it and it was sooo much simpler. Ok I don’t breastfeed so that might be the reason I don’t have use for mine… maybe I’ll use it when she’s a bit older so she can sit in it.. We’ll see.

4) Baby shoes: Until she starts to walk I really don’t see the need for them. Plus her feet are so small I don’t think any shoes will actually fit her yet. I do love the cute little socks that look like they are shoes. We have a lot of those and everyone thinks they are the cutest.

5) Little underpants type things that you put over a diaper that come with many dresses: For some reason they are all way too big. The dresses fit, the underwear things don’t. I Have like a hole stash of new ones that still don’t fit while the dresses they came with are getting too small. I don’t get it.

7) Baby monitor: I have used it a few times, but I could have gone without it just the same. I’m mostly within an ear shot of my baby. Maybe we’ll use it more when the baby starts sleeping in her own room, but the rooms are so close together I think it would just make extra static.

My aunt told me I was wasting my money with a change table, but I love mine and use it daily, it is so much more convenient for us, we keep everything we need there so we are not running around looking for wipes, diapers, a blanket and in case of a blown diaper new clothes, we also store extras on it and her crib sheets. I also love my wipe warmer and so does my daughter, we keep it right on the change table, ours came with a little caddy that hooks right on the table and stores her diapers right under it. I also have a baby bath that we still use ( she is 9 months ) I now put it in my big bath, and its just more cozy and she feels safer and splashes about in it ( I have the fold up one which was super convenient when we lived in a smaller place, now that we have a house we dont fold it back up but for a smaller place so easy, I also use my diaper hanging holder to store diapers in, but we use cloth diapers so I have a basket the holds about 10 on her change table and store the rest (25 diapers give or take) in the hanging one, and since we use cloth diapers we dont have a need for a diaper genie of course. Of all the things I have I dont think there is much that I didnt use, and most I still do, I think it really depends on the person as to how much use you get out of items, if you think something is just going to be a hassle and would rather do it another way (ei: baby bath) then dont let anyone bully you into buying one, and at the same time if you know you will use something alot dont let anyone bully you into forgoing that item.

I never used any of that stuff except the diaper warmer but it just dried up all the wipes so it was not even worth it but my kids did not care about being cold or warm or anything they where great babies easy to diaper change. I got in the bath with my babies from day one i used my legs to keep them above water just like a float it was easier to bathe them. the diapers can stay in the box i always bought the box it is clean and easy less space and as far as i am concerned. my kids slept with us in my arms because i am use to have babies in my arms my babies grew up in our bed snuggled up with us make for some loving snuggly baby that sleeps through the night after 2months.. the only thing i suggest for parents is to use the most sensitive formula possible it will stop most problems people complain of with gas and fussy babies and should stop most spitting up. if the spitting up stinks its GERD that is ACID REFLUX keep previcid keep your baby happy that is my advice you do not need luxury stuff it do not matter at the end of the day its a waste of money.

I didn’t buy a change table but purchased the “topper” for the dresser and use it constantly. It’s a much better height then using a regular table and easier than squatting on the floor for the majority of changes! I do love my diaper pail though. Although breast fed babies don’t smell too badly… it adds up and the pail is very convenient beside the change station! We never bought a wipe warmer and don’t regret it. Nor did we purchase a diaper stacker. I stack the diapers in the “topper” as there is enough room there. We do use sleep sacs though, constantly at least up until now…baby is 4 months. As for bath tubs…we bought the $11 jobbie and I do think it is easier than leaning over the tub to bath the baby but our son is long and has been pushing out of it for a few weeks now. I won’t bother buying a bigger one, we’ll just move straight to the tub. I am glad I had one for the first few months though to put on the counter by the sink. It was easier…and when you’re walking around like a zombie…easy is good! 🙂