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We arrived Sunday 4/22. Our plane was a bit early I think. We landed around 12:55pm. Breezed thru customs and immigration. We went back and forth about brining food with is to save money. In the end we did. Brought cereal and granola bars and a small cooler with 4 NY Strip Steaks from Costco, a large package of boneless chicken breasts, a large pack of ground beef and some Costco Kirkland brand cold cuts (roast beef and oven roasted turkey). We declared all of the meat and were asked to take it out and show it. I had the receipts, which we weren’t asked for. The lady at customs did NOT make us pay duty on it. Lucky us! It wasn’t hard for us to bring it since we got 4 free checked bags on United.

I would say we made it thur Customs & Immigration in less than 15 minutes total. Then we had to walk with all our luggage over to Budget for our car rental. I reserved the car on Orbitz and it was $287 for 13 nights for 2 drivers. We declined insurance and paid with our United MileagePlus card. The Budget process was the worst. I wish I had paid for fast service but I didn’t and I would say we waited about 30 minutes to be helped. That sucked!!

Finally we were on our way to Discovery Point Club!! Got here around 3ish?? On a Sunday. No one was working in the offic but they had a guy here to get us our key. He didn’t want us to pay our bill and instead we were greeted with a fruit basket! Got into our unit which was on the 1st floor right behind the pool. Everything there was just as expected.

I can’t even remember what we did. I think swim in the pool. But maybe the sea. Pool was so warm and so was the sea!! We ended up going to Heritage Kitchen for Dinner. I had the coconut grouper. hubby had the curried grouper. Daughter had the pan fried grouper and So. Had the BBQ chicken. Everything was delicious. Still I spent about $80 USD. With non alcoholic drinks.

Mon & Tues we ended up having lazy relaxing days at the condo. Tuesday the kids and I walked up to the Cemetery for some snorkeling. It was decent. We came across a group of jet skis on our way back to the beach which was a bit scary. I had a snorkel vest that I was holding on to for my son so I waved it around and the guide saw me (luckily) and slowed his group down and they went around us. You really have to be on the look out!!

Wednesday we were supposed to go to Stingray City. I had booked a trip in the afternoon with Dexter but he emailed me the night before saying he had a private charter and he could take us Thursday or Friday instead. He even gave us 1 adult for free. Sounded good to me! We choose to go out Thursday instead.

Wednesday we went to the Turtle Center. It was $54 for 2 adults 2 kids. Once inside I felt bad for the turtles there. It was nice to hold some of the smaller turtles, but I felt bad for how they were kept too. I wouldn’t go back. We left and went to Macabuca for some lunch. We had Fried Calamari ( so good!), conch fritters (good), hubby and I split a conch sandwich ( excellent) and kids split a kids chIcken fingers & fries. The kids then split an famous ice cream sandwich. The loved it!! Our waiter was excellent. He took some photos for us which was so nice.

Thursday we had our Stingray City tour with Dexter. This was our 3rd time sailing with him. It was great as usual. Kids loved SRC. They were a little nervous about the rays but they loosened up. I got bit on my thumb while trying to feed one. I guess I got J.T. thumb too close. It’s really just a tiny bit of skin that was bothered by the base of my nail. Next stop was the reef. Coral was great. I found a dead turtle floating at the surface though, which was very sad. Dexter told us about a ghost net which was recently hauled in from the sea off of Rum Point. Apparently some deadly net had been floating with hundreds of dead fish and sharks caught in it. He said the turtle may have been a casualty.? So sad. I read the story when I got home and was so glad they were able to find the net and get it out of the sea.

I almost forgot that on Thursday morning before our SRC tour I was sitting at the pool at the DPC and I looked over the wall and saw a medium sized turtle swimming very close to shore! I yelled to the kids and they ran to the edge of the surf and the turtle came right up on the beach and let the kids touch him! He would them swim about 10 feet and come up on shore again to see people. I was telling Dexter and he said it sounded like this turtle might have been one of the turtles released from the Turtle Center since it was so used to humans. The kids made sure to wash their hands good. One woman n the beach said it was against the law to touch the turtles, but Dexters helper Aster said he thought it was OK to touch them you just can’t take them from the sea? I’m not sure which is correct.

Friday we were planning on Rum Point but it was windy and we weren’t sure what the weather would be like there. Instead the kids and I decided to go to the Blue Iguana tour. It took us about 45 minutes to drive there. Whoever suggested Downloading the Grand cayman map from googlemaps was a lifesaver!! How easy was that?!?!

The Blue Iguana tour was great. It was so so hot though. We brought water but stupidly left it in the car because we didn’t think we would want to carry it. My 10 year old complained a lot! But the blue iguanas were amazing to see. I only had to pay $30 for myself and the kids were free. We didn’t have the energy to walk around the rest of the park. Stopped at beach bubbles to buy soap on the way home. The spent the rest of the day at the condo.

Saturday the plan was to do Rum Pt. We didn’t leave until 12:30. Took about 50 min to get there. Hubby dropped the kids and I off and cayman Kai Public Beach. He drove the car to the Rum Point Club and walked back and we did the drift snorkel. It was great (for me). Kids complained about the usual – heat, leaky masks, etc… we saw 2 lion fish, 2 lobsters and lots of great fish. Had drinks at RPC and then went to Over The Edge for lunch. Food was good and we enjoyed the atmosphere. I found the service to be perfectly good. That was it for our first week. We have another 6 full days before we leave! I will never want to go on vacation for less than 2 weeks again!!