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Joint pain. Stiffness. Swelling. If you have rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, you’re likely pretty familiar with these uncomfortable and sometimes constant symptoms. In fact, an astonishing 350 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis, including children. If you’re doing your best to manage your symptoms and decrease sensitivity without much luck, you’re not alone.

However, even with arthritis, you should be able to live gas city indiana life without pain holding you back. Along with a sound plan from your doctor, many arthritis flare-ups can be prevented from paying attention to your diet, in particular, what not to eat. Cutting–or at the least limiting–consumption of specific foods could help relieve some of those nagging arthritis symptoms.

Fried Food. It probably comes as no surprise that fried food doesn’t rank very high on the nutritional value scale. While it might taste electricity use in the us good, most fried foods are heavily processed and carry a high amount of salt and artificial preservatives, which can trigger inflammation and arthritis symptoms. Not to mention, the pronounced amount of saturated fat that is present in fried foods can be a fast track to unnecessary weight gain, placing undue stress on your joints and leading to degeneration, ultimately making your arthritis situation worse.

Processed Sugars. Soda. Candy. Cereal. Sports drinks. Condiments. If you start paying closer la gastritis attention to the nutritional labels on the foods you’re eating, it’s shocking to learn how often added sugar manages to sneak into the ingredient list. Processed sugar has been shown to increase pain, overheating, redness, and swelling in people who are living with arthritis. As your body’s digestive system works to process these sugars, it pulls from vital stores of vitamins, effectively depleting you of the necessary nutrition to manage your arthritis symptoms properly.

Salt. When gas vs diesel truck the body retains excess sodium, it has a negative effect on inflammation. Canned and processed foods almost always carry very high amounts of sodium. Our advice? Get in the habit of reading the nutritional labels to understand just how much salt you’re about electricity transmission efficiency to ingest. Better yet, avoid the processed junk and cook for yourself! When you make your own food, you’re able to control the amount of salt that goes into your meals.

Oil. Let’s be clear: not all oils are bad for you! However, there are certain oils that have been shown to increase inflammation, namely: corn, sunflower, soy, and vegetable oil. You don’t have to cut these out completely, but restricting their use is advised to decrease joint pain. Instead of those oils, try using canola, flaxseed, or grape seed oil. The essential acids and fats in these omega-3 oils have been shown to actually aid in arthritis symptom relief.

Another holistic approach to managing arthritis pain is the incorporation of chiropractic care and massage therapy. Adjustments of the spine and joints can help realign your body to keep electricity vampires your nervous and immune systems functioning properly, while also relieving joint pain. There are many specific adjustments that Pain Solutions can utilize to customize care for your specific symptoms and main complaints.

If you’re looking for ways to continually decrease your discomfort from arthritis without adding more medication, chiropractic and massage therapy is a great path to explore j gastroenterol. During your initial evaluation, we’ll go over your symptom history in detail and construct a treatment plan that you’re completely comfortable with before moving forward. Schedule an appointment online or call (480) 787-0469.