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Angelina Jolie needed a clean slate, so she bought a luxurious mansion in Laughlin Park, in Los Feliz, which had belonged to Cecil B. gsa 2016 new orleans DeMille. Although the mansion has six bedrooms and modernized dining room and kitchen, the real thing is spectacular in the exterior: swimming pool with its own little house and a studio, all surrounded by gardens and fountains. It seems that Jolie has come out winning in the resolutions of her divorce. 2 – LADY GAGA – $ 5.3 MILLIONS, HOLLYWOOD HILLS

Jolie is not the only one who has bought emblematic properties. u gas hampton Lady Gaga took over the former 627 m² mansion and the 1-acre grounds of Frank Zappa at Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. It cost him 5.25 million dollars and has a main house with six bathrooms for seven bedrooms, an annex for the service, two separate houses for guests and even an underground store. Outside there are two tennis courts, an outdoor kitchen, an art gallery, a greenhouse, a huge pool in the back garden and even a private recording studio.

Fashionist Tommy Hilfiger loves art, and his Golden Beach mansion was decorated with very eclectic furniture, pieces of art and a wide variety of interesting memorabilia (such as a statue of Mickey Mouse). All rooms are a contrast of white and colorful geometric shapes. This mega house measures 1307m², comes with seven rooms and eight toilets, and four entertainment rooms with rooms for watching movies and a gym.

Celine Dion, pop diva, is worth about $ 380 million, and of course she knows how to dispose of her very well-earned fortune by designing the perfect mansion-water park located in the city of Florida. gas knife He built a Bahamas style sanctuary in his 929m² mansion, surrounded by crystalline pools, streams and water slides; In addition, the house also has tennis courts, basketball and croquet, golf course and a private beach of about 126 meters. This property has an ultra modern kitchen and also a dining room, eight bedrooms that overlook the sea, a games room, massage and a recreation area for children. gas vs electric oven efficiency This beach mansion stretches 22257m² with just over 121m of coastline and is valued at $ 65 million.

Who would not want to have an island? Well, Leonardo DiCaprio, the playboy ecologist, invested in an island of 42 hectares in 2005 known as “The Blackadore Cay” in Belize. He invested millions of dollars in this project, designing a glamorous tourist complex with 36 residential properties and 36 villas (each valued at around $ 5 million). The project is almost finished and everything was built with local materials and is powered by solar panels. To be absolutely ecological all the cars on the island will work with clean energy and only reusable water bottles will be sold. The food will also be all organic and produced locally.

According to Forbes, Queen B is worth $ 265 and Jay-Z, her husband, is worth $ 610 million, if you add both amounts this multi-million dollar pair has a value of about $ 875 million. electricity use in the us As money surely does not concern them, mundane things like borrowing and mortgaging do not enter into their vocabulary. Its giant $ 45 million property has more than 123 rooms, including its personal brand called “M & M’s World”, swimming pools, an aquarium, nightclub, fourteen bedrooms, cinema, bowling and tennis courts and a dozen bathrooms.

With only 21 years, the model and influencer of social networks, Kendall Jenner, owns, among other things, a mansion of 445 m² with a value of 6.5 million dollars. You can find everything from six bedrooms, five bathrooms or a large dressing room to a massage room and a gym. In the exterior you can find all kinds of entertainment as well as an outdoor fireplace and a huge pool.