7 Nights in paphos electricity bill


We’ve been to Cyprus for family holidays before (back when my sister and I were about 3ft tall) and loved it, so a trip back to the island was long awaited. o gastroenterologista cuida do que However, we’d only been to a completely different area, and it’s safe to say that we preferred the Nissi Beach/Ayia Napa area to Paphos. No, believe it or not, Ayia Napa is not just for laughing gas balloons and 3 shots for 1 euro deals.

On our first morning, we were all desperate to get out in that heat. Oh, but of course, it was November – the sun can’t last forever. gas x ultra strength during pregnancy We arrived at the nearby beach, paid for our sun loungers… and around 2 hours later, those lovely things we call grey rain clouds appeared and didn’t fancy moving on. gas hydrates This could only lead to one thing instead… day drinking.

I’d honestly really recommend our hotel, Azia Resort & Spa. The pool area was perfect, and although the evening Cava Bar was quiet due to low season, it did get a little livelier at night with live music. When I say lively, you know the tragic level of lively I mean – a violinist, perhaps a two man band if you’re lucky. gastroparesis But, if you’re just seeking a more chilled out holiday and can bare the cringeworthy evening entertainment programme, you’re all good.

We ate in Fettas Taverna – very much a no-frills, authentic restaurant, but that’s exactly what we were looking for and I would recommend it highly! They very kindly did me a separate vegetarian meze too, and everything was unreal: think halloumi, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed vine leaves, rice, greek salad, falafel… it’s safe to say that by the end of it, we were genuinely so full we had to go back to the hotel and lay down. If you don’t feel like that after a meal, you’re doing it wrong hun.

Even though it was out of season, the beach was still pretty busy and had a great atmosphere. national gas average 2007 There were also watersports and jet-skis available, however to my dismay I didn’t get to utilise these exciting facilities as my family are wimps. My sister claimed that her last experience on a ‘Crazy Sofa’ left her feeling like she was going to fly off into the sea and die, so for some reason she didn’t quite fancy it again. 9gag instagram logo Boring. Exactly where I wanna be heading.

All jokes aside, I’m all for making the most of a *hilarious* situation and we actually had a really funny day. I say we – me, my mum and sister made the most of it and remained moan-free throughout the day, intent on having a good time, however my Dad was most unimpressed and spent the day threatening to jump off the boat and swim back to shore, of course to the tune of ‘we will rock you’. Oh dear.

My sister and I had waited for our last night to go out-out, seeing as it was a Friday night. gas up the jet We’d been informed of the notorious ‘Bar Street’, and after hunting for it on Google Maps and being wholly unsuccessful, we decided that the road we were already on must be Bar Street. Disappointingly, this so-called crazy fun area had one bar and about 3 restaurants. Wild.

Tragically tacky but all the fun, we ended up having a fun night and of course, I boarded the plane the next day hanging out of my arse. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it seems I am incapable of returning home from a different country feeling normal. Apparently, a homeward bound hangover has become somewhat of a tradition for little old me.