7 Weeks pregnant with triplets…thinking i may face a reduction in a few weeks – forums zyklon b gas canister for sale


I can try to answer some of your questions as I was the person who started this thread and I went through this over two years ago. I too found out I was pregnant with three at about 6 weeks. The doctors usually want to wait several weeks before doing a reduction for a number of reasons. One is that one of the fetuses may naturally miscarry (I think this is fairly common although it didn’t happen for us). Then there are other reasons for waiting which I think have to do with the procedure itself- it may need to be done when the fetuses are a certain size. What I was told was that it is done from 12-15 weeks, but I know there are people who had the procedure earlier. We had ours at 14 weeks. You’re right, the waiting is absolutely the worst part. You just have to get through one day at a time, and eventually you will be there.

It is not a painful procedure- just uncomfortable. I found the CVS to be more uncomfortable because they had to take samples from each fetus and that meant going in with the needle three times. BUt again, even that was not painful, just uncomfortable and a little scary. It’s the same needle they would insert for an amniocentisis. The CVS is similar but earlier test for genetic issues. THey would do that to determine if any of the fetuses have genetic abnormalities so they know which one to reduce. This test can add about two weeks to the whole procedure because you wait the two weeks for results. But if you are older, as I was (39) then it is worth it to do the test as you have a higher chance of having a fetus with issues.

These are all questions that the doctor can answer….but you may want to make sure that the person with whom you have the appointment at 8 weeks is someone who could do a reduction. That way he or she can answer all of your questions and you can make the necessary appointments for the procedure. Otherwise you could be waiting longer for answers….

This is so tough, especially all the waiting and not knowing. But know that this is a procedure that is done a lot and you will get through it. Make sure you have a good doctor who has done the procedure a lot. If not, look into traveling to someone with more experience if you can. Know that you are not alone. We all went through this and know how you feel.

Thank you so much for your reply! Honestly I’m losing my head, I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant, they’re all fraternal, never thought they would already look like little people, I saw them yesterday in the US kicking moving their arms so it makes it harder, I’m even feeling the one they want to reduce (#3) I got attached to #2 and 3 because they were super active, I even feel #3 moving in my belly already. #1 was just there, didn’t even move. #1 also has placenta previa. My doctor suggested to reduce because to top all the risks I have a hematoma in the cervix so it makes it an riskier, I’m torn I don’t know what to do, I feel this is unfair, if they could reduce #1 I think I’d feel better but she said it’s too close to the cervix, me and my husband think it’s unfair to end a life that didn’t ask to be here, so I’m losing my head, I know there‘s people that carry their triplets for a long time, also know of people that delivered at 28 weeks, obviously I don’t know which one I’d be so I’m just losing my mind, I asked about the antibiotics because my doctor said she doesn’t believe in that if things are done correctly but I’ve read about so many women that think they miscarried because of not having antibiotics, I’m a greater risk for miscarriage after procedure due to the hematoma, I’m sorry for the long post but I have no friends or no one to talk to but my husband