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{"lat":37.787647,"lng":-122.399147,"zoom":1,"mapType":"ROADMAP","markers":[{"id":91902,"lat":"12.134662","lng":"-68.984787","name":"Blue Bay, Cura\u00e7ao","address":"Blue Bay, Sint Michiel, Cura\u00e7ao","description":""},{"id":91903,"lat":"41.657257","lng":"-87.680046","name":"Blue Island, Illinois, USA","address":"Blue Island, IL, USA","description":""},{"id":91904,"lat":"-37.846924","lng":"140.776520","name":"Blue Lake, Australia","address":"Blue Lake, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia","description":""},{"id":91905,"lat":"36.817032","lng":"-95.823036","name":"Blue Mound, Oklahoma, USA","address":"Blue Mound, Oklahoma 74029, USA","description":""},{"id":91906,"lat":"44.540489","lng":"-80.408096","name":"The Blue Mountains, Canada","address":"The Blue Mountains, ON, Canada","description":""},{"id":91907,"lat":"18.124638","lng":"-76.678627","name":"The Blue Mountains, Jamaica","address":"Blue Mountains, Jamaica","description":""},{"id":91908,"lat":"56.069168","lng":"-132.384171","name":"Navy Peak, Alaska, USA","address":"Navy Peak, Alaska 99929, USA","description":""},{"id":91909,"lat":"36.879013","lng":"-80.790070","name":"Periwinkle Mountain, Virginia, USA","address":"Periwinkle Mountain, Lead Mines, VA 24360, USA","description":""},{"id":91910,"lat":"29.418633","lng":"-98.732780","name":"Sapphire River, Texas, USA","address":"Sapphire River, San Antonio, TX 78245, USA","description":""},{"id":91911,"lat":"46.071552","lng":"-91.093399","name":"Teal River, Wisconsin, USA","address":"Teal River, Spider Lake, WI 54843, USA","description":""}]}

Thanks for # 70, Flourish. It sounds nicer and rounder, doesn’t it? Just like my birth year. Correction – I never watched Joe Dolan and today I did. There is no chance in hell of me being with him even for one night stand. But he made me laugh – the 1975 fashion makes him look gay, the dancing is awful and his face… let’s just say, is not for close-ups.

My favourite colour? It depends, of course. I don’t have such a colour. There is a reason I could not miss "blue" anything and its interpretations. Once, I was "diagnosed" as Authentic Blue, you know those psychological tests – there are always four major personality types. This one was expressed in colours and their percentages – Blue, Green, Gold and Orange. My dominant colour was Blue, but the cop-out way "the experts" used was – we are all "plaid". I don’t like plaid. I don’t like simplification. But, I was affected by these colour theory and considered myself Blue. I even wrote one hub about being blue (please don’t read, it’s not worth even my time) and then half a year later, I wrote about transformation to Orange. Though it should have been a transformation to Yellow – the colour of insanity.

The problem with all that colour confusion is that my relentless grip on the meanings and what’s behind and beneath and whatnot makes me Green (analytical mind). So, sure enough, I got to the bottom of it – once I saw that course, the whole thing is straightened out. No one can tell me the meaning of colours without me contradicting and sending the interpreter to fact-check.

So, with the hair – no, I won’t dye it blue. While I have some left, I dye it red. However, I know that purple wig suits me quite well. And why not wear a coloured wig? Would more people go for blue? I doubt it. Clothes are easier, what you don’t like – don’t wear, buy a different colour next time. I think – I’m either Spring or Summer on the clothes "line", not sure. I can’t wear black close to my face – (ha-ha-ha! check my avatar).

It’s probably about harmony than anything else. What I consider a good choice of colour for home design is the one that doesn’t go out of favour too quickly. I have my walls painted "june bud" for 15 years and I have no intention of changing the colour. My mom’s choice of "apricot-tish" drives me up the wall. I love apricots, but not their colour on my wall.

My son said (out of the blue) that his favourite colour was lavender. Where did it come from? Maybe from wanting to be so different from others. Maybe I am not super original, but I like bordeaux (to wear). I had boots, shoes, raincoat (if I ever lose enough weight, I’ll be delighted to wear it again).

Hello Flourish! Quick. Name your favourite person. No, not that one. The one who always rains on your parade. The one who rains on anyone’s and everyone’s parade, in all possible and impossible shades of rainbow, in infrared and ultraviolet and even in infraviolet and ultrared.

Blue won’t be an exception. You are right about blue being named the favourite colour by the majority of world population. You are also right about omitting context because no one thinks about context when being asked such a simple and inconsequential question. You’ll be right if you say that there are as many theories about colour meanings as colours themselves. And, yet, there is one theory that is not a theory as such, because it’s science. People won’t be people if they did not put a colour theory to the test.

It’s a good question to ask – so, blue is your favourite colour, but would you dye your hair blue? (I wouldn’t even if I had hair). That’s a question in context. There is another – when it comes to food, what is favourte colour? The last choice will be purple (the colour of royalty) and the next to last will be blue. By the way, eating from a blue dinnerware does not suppress appetite. If you want to lose weight, buy red plates.

I’m not so clever, but I watched "How Color Affects Taste – The Great Courses" (link denied, but it’s on youtube). Which is just an excerpt from How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals – The Great Courses (same as above). There are only 6 lectures 30 min each so it is not a major time burden, but an enlightenment for life. Blue, grey or white – the light is the light.

And, by the way, did you see the film "Blue Velvet"? Ironically, it’s neo-noir psychological thriller. Oh, maybe it makes sense – another writer of historic thrillers, Homer never mentioned colour blue in his "Ilyad". Not once. Instead, the sea and sky had all fifty shades of…