70In stylus sport aerobatic arf value hobby gas mask art

I bought this airplane in October of 2016 as a test beater plane for some old engines I have been rebuilding. After 3 different motors and pounding on this thing through a Georgia winter with high winds and tall grass, I am saving my pennies to buy another! This thing is just as good if not better than other airplanes costing twice as much! It floats in for landing and I have twisted this thing inside and out in the air! The old girl does everything you ask her too After many gallons of fuel the covering is still looking good! (unlike some more expensive models that peel like cheap bananas). If you want to take an airplane to the flying field so you can brag to your friends about how much you spent on it, then value hobby airplanes are not for you. However, if you want an airplane that is going to howl back at you when the throttle is stick is bending under you thumb then you are in the right place! Click "add to cart" and put some air between the ground and the gear. This airplane will do all the talking in the air for you.

This is my third value hobbies kit. I like the VH kits with a few of my own modifications. The first thing I do is beef up the landing gear mounting plate. The wood supplied is too thin and small. Your first hard landing will rip out the bottom of your plane. I epoxied 1/4 inch plywood in the bottom of the plane. I pulled out the T-nuts that is used to mount the landing gear. I had to also temporarily remove the fuel tank wooden shelf to gain access to the bottom of the plane. I also glued in some angle stripping to strengthen the bottom. I reinstalled the T-nuts and fuel tank shelf. Now my landing gear is Rock Solid. I wish VH did this to their kits. I also exchanged out the wheels and tail wheel for larger ones. The tail wheel supplied Is the same one they supplied with my 40 size Value Stik and is too small for a 60 size plane. Larger main wheels make the plane handle better in grass. I also exchanged out the plastic control rod clevis’s for metal threaded clevis’s. I have a hard time trying to thread the plastic ones on the threaded rods supplied. I also added angle stripping to the firewall area , servo mounting board and the wing mounting board. This does add a little weight but makes the plane more durable. I mixed some epoxy with denatured alcohol to fuel proof the engine area. The plane goes together really well and balanced out easily.

I installed an ASP 60 glow engine. This was my first ASP engine. It fired up very easy and idles great. So far I am impressed with this engine. The Stylus took off straight and needed very little trimming. I was amazed that it lands like a top wing trainer. It floats in slow for a easy landing. I guess it is due to the huge wing. This plane and engine combination did not burn up the skies. I was used to my Value Stik 40 with a OS 46 AX zipping through the sky at amazing speeds. The stylus does stunts well but would not go vertical out of site like my Stik will do. I have to add that my ASP engine is not fully broken in yet. I am using a 12-6 prop. I may try a 11-7 after the break in. A OS 75ax would make this plane scream. Everybody at the club was asking about this plane. They were amazed at how good it looks and cost. I am happy with it. I will try some different props and engines to speed it up. This is my first low wing and it is probably a good thing it is not super fast. You will be pleased with this plane. I am thinking about adding smoke pump. The stylus reminds me of a crop duster. Go buy you one and have fun with it.