8 Products more useful for women’s health than all those sensational superfoods electricity definition wikipedia


Superfoods have grabbed media attention and the general public’s fascination like nothing else! With celebrities endorsing foods such as goji berries, green tea, wheatgrass, and oily fish, it’s only natural for their fans to get tempted and try out the very same edibles ( 1). After all, who doesn’t want a body and skin like the famous people they idolize?

But you don’t really need fancy food items to be your healthiest best. Ordinary foods found in your kitchen are just as good, if not better. So, if you are a wannabe fit woman, it might be worth your while to make the following 8 food items a part of your plate! 1. Garlic Can Strengthen Your Bones And Heart

Garlic is rich in plenty of essential nutrients including manganese and vitamin B6 ( 2). Both of these greatly contribute to keeping your bones and heart healthy. For example, having garlic helps decrease the pressure on your heart, making it perfect for strenuous exercises ( 3). Moreover, if you have 2g of garlic every day, you can prevent osteoporosis as it helps in maintaining estrogen levels post-menopause ( 4). 2. Eat Beef To Deal With PMS And Anemia

Loaded with vitamins B2 and B12, beef helps you manage the symptoms of PMS in an effective manner ( 5). This red meat also contains high amounts of iron and zinc, both of which are instrumental in preventing anemia – a condition characterized by iron deficiency and symptoms such as fatigue and pale skin ( 6), ( 7). So, to avoid the reduction of iron levels in your body during periods, you should make beef a part of your diet. Its zinc content will also promote healthy nails and hair. 3. Brussels Sprouts Can Prevent Signs Of Aging

Signs of aging are not just limited to your skin – like wrinkles, for example. Cataracts is a sign too that your youth is long gone and old age is settling in. However, you won’t have to suffer from these signs of aging sooner than you expected if you eat Brussels sprouts on a regular basis.

Brussels sprouts contain two substances known as lutean and zeaxanthin, which help prevent cataracts ( 8). Its high vitamin C content also helps also helps in keeping your eyes healthy ( 9). Besides that, vitamin C in Brussels sprouts helps in increasing collagen production, which, in turn, prevents wrinkles from appearing on your skin ( 10). 4. Have Tomatoes To Prevent Depression, Sunburns, And Breast Cancer

Vitamins A, B9, and C are present in abundance in tomatoes, and each of them has a specific benefit to offer ( 11)! The vitamin A content of tomatoes is great for your skin and hair, offering them a natural glow. On the other hand, the lycopene in tomatoes (the chemical substance that gives it its natural red color) helps in protecting your skin from nasty sunburns ( 12). As for the vitamin B9 in tomatoes, it helps reduce the risk of both depression as well as breast cancer ( 13). 5. Potatoes Make Your Feel Full And Protect Against Free Radicals

Free radicals are bad for your health. If your body has them in excess, you may even suffer from catastrophic consequences such as infertility. Fortunately, having potatoes can help you avoid such a fate. Spuds are very rich in antioxidants and protect your body from the damage caused by free radicals ( 14). Also, potatoes help control your appetite due to their starchy nature and vitamin B6 content, which positively influences your metabolism ( 15). 6. Cherries Cure Insomnia And Provide Muscle Pain Relief