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hi guys my name is Will and I am new to the Vmax for him and new to the v max motorcycle in general. gas vs electric oven temperature I bought this bike probably 2 1/2 months ago and it wasn’t running had been sitting in a storage unit for two years had some dust on it but I have years of experience with motorcycles so knew when I was getting into (or so I thought). 76 gas station credit card login Anyhow I was opening a new business in July and didn’t have the time to deal so I passed it off to a close friend and really highly trained mechanic in my town who now has a Dyno. after many hours of research and many hours of labor on their part we are all stumped. e payment electricity bill maharashtra The carbs have been pulled cleaned properly and reinstalled, all of the coils have been checked for primary and secondary resistance, all spark plugs have been hooked up to an electro tester to test the strength of the spark on all four coil’s, The fuel pump has been checked as well as the bike was run with an external 12v pump to rule out the possibility of a sending unit issue, the vboost functions perfectly(side note: when you rev the bike from idle in neutral it whails up to 9000 rpm and the vboost opens smooth as butter but under load it breaks up horrible) we have replaced the CDI with a brand new Dynatech CDI that is for a first GEN Vmax, and my mechanic Bernie has even gone to lengths such as drilling holes in each of the exhaust pipes to measure the independent oxygen levels of each pipe to ensure that each piston is firing the same and it appears they all are… After all of this the Dyno still says that the bike is lacking fuel in the mid range. The bike idles perfectly and runs up to 4500 perfectly but once it gets there it breaks up and does exactly the same thing that it did when I first bought the bike. electricity magnetism and electromagnetism Even after everything being cleaned and checked and some things replaced it still does exactly the same thing. k electric jobs test At this Point we are all a bit lost and starting to take a shot in the dark such as maybe there is something broken within the carburetor that we didnt see while it was apart. if anybody has had an issue like this or has any insight at all it is greatly appreciated. gas efficient cars 2016 Also I would like to post photos of the Dyno graph so that anyone who knows how to read one can see whats happening.

Hey guys thabks for the info. Casey, makes alot of sense what youre saying but the dyno says its lean in the mid range, not rich although i have been to sturgis twice and both times leaned up my carns while there (on a honda shadow)…. the status update is as follows…. bike is back together and i dumped some seafoam in and ran it today for about 25 miles and noticed a difference in that shirt period. as if one of the carbs, or two, came out of it… it can smoothly ascend to 5 or 6 before a full stumble… i am going to see tomorroe if i can get it to improve some more… after a talk w my mechanic… we both said screw it lets try to sea foam and I have seen it work miracle before – seems to be helpig here. must just be one little port in eah carb that gets clogged when the bike sits – probably on account of the carbs being sideways as well. Aaaaaannnyhow once i can get some more improvement (hopefully) I will still have the carbs ultra soniced and new diaphragms, and gaskets and o rings all over. no reason not to if Im haveing the carbs soniced. Ill let u guys know whats happens from here on out but thanks for all the info