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Let me start with a disclaimer: Do not mistake my four-star ratings as implying a less than stellar product. I simply have a policy of not giving five stars since that , to me, would imply absolute perfection. I don’t think I am qualified to recognize perfection if presented to me.

With that out of the way let me say I purchased ten of these lights to replace the HO tubes in my work area. The flickering and buzzing of the ballasts had just been a terrible nuisance. Climbing a ladder to replace those twelve-foot-high tubes wasn’t that much fun either. I have been an LED fan for some time with respect to our company vehicles and trailers. They help me maintain my laziness factor since repairs and brightness issues are almost eliminated. I found these lights and immediately decided to apply laziness to my shop as well. After studying the installation requirements and realizing I could get rid of the ballasts as well as reap the long life benefits in one easy step, I took the leap. Very easy to junk the buzzing, hot ballasts and simply direct wire the LEDs. Wow! Didn’t expect such an improvement in light output. I am really happy with the ability to rotate the tubes to direct light intensity where it is needed. People coming into my shop make comments on the impressive light quality. I have now ordered some different style tubes for fixtures in the office areas. The ability to install only as many tubes as needed intrigues me. Seems that will be a nice option in some less used rooms. Pricing seems at first to be an issue, but reduced power usage and longevity seem to make this an investment rather than an extravagance. We’re in this for the long haul, right? (Posted on 7/1/2017)

Installation. The most difficult part of the light fixture modification/ballast removal was due to the ceiling height of the light fixture and removing the ballast while upon a ladder. I ensured the power was disconnected, remove the fluorescent tubes, remove the metal covers over the ballast, clipped a few wires, removed the ballast from the fixture, reconnected the wires according to the included instructions (I used wire nuts and then secured those with electrical tape), installed the metal covers, installed the LED tubes and powered up the fixture.

Lighting comparison. I modified and tested one fixture at a time, and in general, the LED tube lighting output is marginally more directional compared to my fluorescent tubes. The Ultra-High Output LED tubes were also somewhat brighter than the High Output fluorescent tubes that they replaced. Not a huge difference, but it was noticeable. The fluorescent tubes radiate light in 360 degrees around the tube, where at best the LED tubes could radiate in 180 degrees but the light output is even more directional than that. I also found that because of the directionality, the LED lighting was a little more uncomfortable on my eyes than the fluorescent tubes. As an experiment I removed the LED tubes and rotated each tube so that the LED light radiated upwards into the light fixture rather than downward directly into the garage. The bouncing of the light off the fixture and the white ceiling actually helped to diffuse the light somewhat so it was less directional and it made it more comfortable on my eyes. The color of the LED light is quite a bit whiter than the yellow-tinted light from the fluorescent tubes.

Turn-on speed. Because I modified and tested one fixture at a time, I was able to observe the difference between the turn-on speed between the fixture with fluorescent tubes and those with the LED tubes. Very surprisingly to me, the fluorescent lights fixtures actually turned on faster than the LED fixtures, but the LED fixtures achieved full brightness instantaneously while the fluorescent fixtures took a little while to achieve full brightness.

Clips. Being that the LED tubes are 8’ long and made of primarily plastic with a thin metal heatsink backing, as opposed to the glass tubes of fluorescents, the LED tubes did sag in the middle of the fixture. Maybe only a ½” or so but it is noticeable. I didn’t realize it at the time, but at one end of the box for each LED tube, there was a clip and associated screw (be sure to open both ends of each box). This was easily installed into the middle of each light fixture it secured each LED tube so there was no more sagging.

Packaging. I ordered ten 8’ High Output LED tubes. They arrived in a double-thick cardboard box. Inside the box there was an extra panel of cardboard on the top and bottom of the stack of LED tubes. Additionally, each LED tube was inside of an individual cardboard box, with each tube then inside of a plastic bag. Lastly, each tube had a clinging plastic strip on the plastic LED cover. All in all, the entire order was very well packaged and everything arrived very fast and in great condition.

Overall, I would definitely buy these LEDs tubes again. Easy installation and great light output. These were definitely not inexpensive, but between the light output and the freedom from the constant buzzing of the ballasts and the flickering of the fluorescent tubes made it very worthwhile purchase. I bought these LED tubes primarily for longevity (time will tell) and convenience, and any energy savings will be a bonus.