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Sam is sleeping in his room when Dean wakes him up with loud music on his cell phone. Sam jumps up, gun in hand, and questions Dean. Dean claims to not be tired and says they have work to do. As Dean packs up weapons in the library, Sam joins him. Dean tells Sam that he talked to Castiel who says something is happening in Missouri. The Winchesters decide to go help, and when Dean picks up the First Blade, a concerned Sam insists that they leave it behind gas x while pregnant. After some argument, Dean agrees. They arrive at the ice cream shop where they meet up with Cas. He fills them in on what he has found so far: six dead humans and one dead angel.

Sam and Dean meet Hannah, Cas’ right hand angel, who tells Cas that Josiah, another angel, is missing and that they believe him to be the mole. Since angels no longer have wings, there should be a trail, and the Boys go into research mode. Sam quickly tracks down Josiah’s location on a computer n gas price. Meanwhile, another angel has found a video of the ice cream shop incident which shows Oren exposing the Enochian symbol carved into his chest, proclaiming he was doing this in Castiel’s name, and knifing himself with an angel blade which causes the explosion.

Metraton meets Tyrus, a leader of an independent angel faction, at the bowling alley to try to convince him to join Metatron. Tyrus refuses. Then a suicide bomber angel shows up and kills Tyrus in Castiel’s name. While Sam and Cas trail Josiah, Dean questions Oren’s friends. During his questioning of an angel, Dean discovers that Tessa is one of Oren’s friends. Dean hunts her down so that he can question her.

Meanwhile, as they track Josiah, Sam and Cas discuss Dean and their concerns for him, as well as the Angel War gas 10 ethanol. They follow Josiah to Pray, Montana, where they find an abandoned warehouse. In order to enter and pass through the warehouse, they must solve some riddles and circumvent some booby traps, which leads them to a door. Cas believes this to be the door to Heaven, however, it turns out to be a hoax set up by Metraton.

Dean continues to challenge Tessa about her choice to become a suicide bomber, which electricity experiments for 4th graders she insists was Castiel’s idea. When pushed as to why, Tessa admits that she can’t stand the screaming of the lost souls that can’t get into Heaven, so death didn’t seem so bad. Tessa tells Dean that there are more suicide bombers out there, but she refuses to give any names. When Dean pulls out the First Blade as a threat, Tessa thrusts herself into the Blade and kills herself.

Sam and Castiel return to Cas’ headquarters to find the angels have subdued Dean with duct tape. Sam calls Dean on bringing the First Blade, and they argue. They are interrupted by a phone call from Metatron. In front of all of Castiel’s followers, Metatron accuses Castiel of sending a suicide bomber after him, tells of Castiel stealing another angel’s grace, and then offers amnesty to all angels if they gas 1981 join him. The angels turn on Castiel and ask him to show loyalty to them by punishing Dean for breaking the rules and killing Tessa. Castiel refuses, and all of the angels leave.

Sam, Dean and Cas return to the Men of Letters Bunker, where Sam again confronts Dean about bringing the First Blade. Dean claims that they are not a team, that this is a dictatorship until he can kill Metatron. Sam walks away, and Dean and Cas move into the library where they discuss the events that gas pain in chest just happened and their chances of winning against Metatron. As Sam returns to the group, Gadreel walks in and says he doesn’t want to fight – he wants to join them. He knows that they don’t trust him, but he volunteers to help them by providing all the information he has about Metatron’s plans. Dean, in what appears to be an offer of friendship, holds out his hand. As Gadreel reaches to accept it, Dean pulls out the First Blade and slices Gadreel with it. Sam and Castiel restrain Dean.