93 Buick century 3.3 clydiner v6 engine changed the fuel pump when in park it starts but when in drive or reverse no gas is going to the engine and it cuts off gas bubbles in colon


Sorry man but I never guess at the cause of problems. Any mechanic who guesses at problems, and just haphazardly throws parts at the problem (in an attempt) to fix it deserves to have his fingers cut off and shoved down his throat. Remember man, it’s your time and your money that’s payin for those guessed parts. Furthermore you came to this forum for professional advice, not for guesses.

Locate the OBD (on-board diagnostic) terminal below the dash and just to the left of the steering column. If it is rectangular and has 12 cavities, it is the old style, and codes can be retrieved without a scanner. If it is square with pins, it is the new style.

Place the paper clip in the far two top-right terminals. Theses are terminals A and B. Turn the ignition key to the "on" position, and make note of the check engine light flashes. Count the number of flashes in sequence between pauses. Each code consists of two numbers. The number 12 will always flash first. It just means the computer is not receiving any signals indicating the vehicle is running. The engine is off, so it will repeat this twice before preceding. A "flash, flash, flash, pause, flash" is interpreted as a code 31. It will flash each code three times and move on to the next code.

Sorry to chime in so late but I’ve been busy. I’ve got some info for you. It comes in the form of good news and bad news. The good news is you have learned how to clear the codes on your Buick. The bad news is that you either overlooked Big Block’s info or just chose to ignore it. 🙁 You have just cleared the codes. Your father is probably a smart guy but those codes can be very helpful during a diagnostic procedure. I would say that clearing them gets you nowhere but that would be poorly worded. You in fact have performed a diagnostic "NO NO" by clearing the codes prior to properly retrieving them and have taken a step backwards instead of forwards.

I would recommend that you attempt to get the code(s) to set again. I don’t want you put yourself in harms way by trying to drive it on public roads but see if it will reset in the driveway. Outside of that, all we can recommend is pinpoint testing. We’ll be glad to walk you though the tests but it would be ideal if we had the code(s) first. It can greatly reduce the amount of work you will need to do.

Your descritpion of the flashes is hard to follow. You might want to explain them the way Big Block did. Flash pause flash flash should be the first code you see. It should be followed by another longer pause and then repeat the same flash pause flash flash. Again, another longer pause and then flash pause flash flash. This would indicate a code 12. From there you would have another longer pause and any other codes would follow. Each and every code should cycle 3 times just like the code 12 did. Normally any other codes would be followed by a repeat of the code 12.

Again, we can walk you through pinpoint testing but if the vehicle can store and display codes you might want to take advantage of it. When you go to the doctor with a problem he/she is likely to perform some tests but don’t they usually want to talk to you first and get your complaints? Retrieving trouble codes is pretty much the same thing.

Block I want you to know that I took what you said about resetting the codes seriously. But when you have your father on the phone flipping out telling you to do the steps of process of elimination. What would you do, so I listened to what he told me about disconnecting the black wire. resetting the computer again and did the codes test. I got a code 12 and nothing else. one flash the then flash flash the a pause and then it repeated it self two more times that nothing else after that. This time I followed the video to the tee. Now when I told him that I was on the internet looking for what could be going on with the car. Me being someone with no experience with fixing cars and him with a life time of fixing cause you see my dilima?

He consulted one of his friends and he said it could be the spark plug wires cause they needed to be changed. I did already change the spark plugs but not the wires. That was a possiblility it could be the problem cause my father was going to change those wires anyway the next time that I drove home.

I didn’t try the code test again since yesturday and not I was not able to leave the drive way after resetting the computer again. She still had no pep to her step when pressing on the gas in drive or reverse. Only in park would the engine revee up.

I feel like it could be the filter that was not changed when the pump was changed. If not the could it be the throttle sensor cause I don ‘t think it would be safe to unhook the overdrive either was I’m going to burn more gas in city or on the highway. It was doing that before I even had the pump problem. When one of the core packs when out and I didn’t replace it till the day the fuel pump was replaced. With a half a tank of gas in the car. Going on four weeks not the car has been sitting in the drive way. Any help you can give would be so appreciated.

Ok Block I get it but this is what is going on. First I checked the coil packs and realized that one of them was not working. So I changed it. Then later I found out that the spark plug wires had going bad. And yesturday i changed all six of the. OH, by the was I’m not a guy I’m a girl that knows nothing about cars but I’ve learned fast in the last few days. Also I myself changed the spark plug wires and it was not easy cause I’m 5’2 and I had to climb on part of the engine to change the ones in the back. When I got all of the wires changed. You will never believe what happened she started fine and when I put her in drive she moved forward. I was able to drive yesturday for the first time in a few weeks. I was really happy about that. thanks to you and my father I will be getting the manual for the 93 Buick Century and try from time to time to fix the problem myself if I can. I was really happy about that yesturday cuase it was something that I did myself on my car. Right now she is running good and I’m glad about that. Please excuse me for sounding like a little kid when trying to explain what was going on with my car to you. You have been a big help now that I can pen point the codes and see what problems could be going on with the car when she seems to not be acting right.

The funny thing was the spark plug wires needed to be changed but I didn’t think that it would affect the car like it did after the fuel pump was changed. But once that was changed she worked fine. I had a friend suggest that it could have been the wires that it was not getting enough power to move and I thought they were crazy but they were half way right. So you know something I did sound like a kid crying about the car but again I’m a female learning things that I have not done before. And I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and that was something that most females don’t like to do when it comes to cars. But me on the other hand I don’t mind. So I will be doing this on the regular cause I need to know what is going on with my car to keep her going. So block you will hear from me time to time. Cause like I said you were a big help to me in the trouble shooting to check everything that could be wrong. Once I have ordered the repair book it will give me better idea of some of the problems that could occur. So once again thanks for your help.