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The child support system is absolutely stacked against fathers!!! The problem with the system is that it treats ALL fathers as dead beats & it’s a joke that doesn’t have the children’s best interest at heart! Ex- my father spent 6 years & his entire life savings to get custody of you baby sister. The court or judge did not care that my brother and I both testifies repeatedly that our mother was mentally ill and down right evil. She couldn’t care less about my sister but all she saw was dollar singa in having custody! My sister would call me crying begging to come home but there was nothing we could do it was court ordered! It want until 6 years later when my father was FINALLY able to catch up finically that he told her "if I keep paying you child support will you let Haley live with me?" And guess what she said……yes!!! It’s dispicable! 2nd example: my husband has paid child support for his 2 boys like clockwork l, never missing a single payment and always giving more when the kids had extra expenses! When my husband and I got engaged the boy’s mother was furious and said she never wanted me around her children. I could only imagine it was because I made her look extremely bad as a mother. Her main priorities were her and nothing else. She took us to court and was awarded an astronical amount! AND they back dated it by 6 months! She was making less than minimum wage, working on the side under the table, working part time living off of our hard earned money!!!! Because she refuses to get a REAL job my husband and I are forced to work 60-80 work weeks on two incomes just to pay our bills all because she refuses to get a job and take care of her children manipulating the system! It is going to take us years to ever pay back the child support that was backed dated. My husband is an excellent father that has been screwed by the system. In my opinion the woman whining about their child support should have thought about these things before they had children with dead beat jerks! Most of these "single mothers" play the victim all to well instead of focusing on raising the kids that they chose to have!!!! The child support system is a joke and needs to be ammendes immediately!

I an so tired of hearing the word deadbeat My Ex lied to the court and said I was not paying. He brought in a spreadsheet that he wrote up. The magistrate did not bother to check the FSR record and imputed me arrearages for child support of 20k I don’t owe. I paid it off and he again came to court with a spreadsheet saying I owed 30k. All with 12 percent interest.He did this three times before I accused the magistrate of being paid off. The next court appearance the FSR records showed up. She said he owes me 6k in overpayments but never ordered him to pay it back so it just sits on the books. Doubt me the Colorado case number is 04DR 3437 People wake up. This is a bad economy for everyone Americans are literally lighting themselves on fire on in public because they can’t afford their child support payments.Parents are committing suicide daily over child support burdens. I myself am unemployed and paying $1025 a month while unemployed.. This has to stop. My advice to Americans now is You have to decide between the American Dream and The American family with its 80 percent failure rate. The childsupport laws will not let you have both. Deny the lawmakers furniture taxpayers by not having children at all and they might change the laws as the population continues to drop . But you most certainly will have a better chance atthe American Dream.

The Racine County court commissioners are terrible at assigning realistic child support payments. In many cases the paying parent is told to pay an outrageous amount in support. There is no way of tracking how the recipient parent actually uses that money. Many times that money is not used for the children. When the noncustodial parent ends up getting behind in payments, they are sent to jail or are not allowed to obtain some state licenses…both of which hinder their ability to earn money and pay child support.

A much better system would be to have the parent who has the children actually be financially responsible for the children (while the father has the kids, he buys the food…when mom has the kids, she buys the food….etc.) If you can’t afford to take care of your kids then….GET A JOB!

The term child support is a misnomer since the money goes to the ex-spouse, not the kids. And you wonder why there are billions of dollars of unpaid ‘child support’? Would you want to give money to someone you hate? These parents behind in child support are not "dead beats".

The state should really have nothing to do with this family issue but Wisconsin doesn’t want to be stuck with more welfare bills…that’s the only reason they are interested in ‘child support’. These child support laws just encourage people to think they have a right to their ex’s money and they prolong the bitterness felt between the parents. If the parent really wants nothing to do with you or the kids then it’s their loss. Get over him/her, move on, and take care of your kids.