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Indoors, the tropical hues of Casa Encanto’s rooms mix with contemporary furnishings and amenities like A/C and WiFi to provide a spacious retreat for up to 6 guests. Outdoors, the property’s 12-foot walls shelter enchanting grounds boasting exotic plantings, a dining terrace, brightly colored hammocks, comfortable chaises, and a private lap pool.

Traditional pasta tile floors and Mayan artifacts welcome you to the main house, where a spacious open plan and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors allow guests to lounge while keeping an eye on activity in the kitchen and the courtyard. Whip up a meal using fresh ingredients from the nearby market, or call our concierge to arrange a visit from our private chef! Sink into luxury in the master bedroom’s king mattress, and enjoy the privacy of a spa-like en suite bath with its own garden.

When it’s time to celebrate, the courtyard is the perfect place to relax in seclusion. Under soaring tropical greenery, sink back into a chaise lounge, pop open a cerveza, and challenge your friends to see who can swim the most laps. Two guest bedrooms with shared bath have their own entrance off the courtyard.

2.- Reservations may be booked up until 11:00am local time on the day of check in. Reservations received after 11:00am local time may be subject to cancellation if they cannot be accommodated. The house will be ready up to six hours after a reservation confirmation has been received.

4. Guests are responsible for the electricity they consume. Electricity is metered per kWh and the meter will be read at check-in and check-out to determine usage. The cost per kWh is based on the rate assessed on the prior bill and is subject to change. For current rate info, please ask. For tenancies longer than 3 months, gas usage will also be payable by guest.

The home is located on a quiet street in Gringo Gulch (Santiago neighborhood). It’s about a 15 minute walk to town square (Santa Lucia). We love Uber in Merida. At night we usually call Uber for about 20 pesos each way to avoid walking through the streets (it’s perfectly safe but not exciting to walk through some of the streets). It is a quick walk to a small market, great gelato (Pola Gelato), and a few restaurants (Dadaumpa – really good pasta) including pizza joints.

We love the family room and dining room where we like to congregate (especially after we cut a piece of cardboard from a pizza box and fit it in the skylight over the dining table to keep the sunlight from strobing when the ceiling fan is turning). We like the kitchen for the microwave oven and a drinking water dispenser at the sink. The master bedroom and master bathroom are large. The pool is great for a dip after a day trip.

The house is so promising but comes with a few flaws. Bedrooms 2 and 3 are located outside and in the back of the house. When we need to go to these bedrooms, we have to run to avoid the mosquitoes or avoid going as much as we can. The mosquitoes love to wait for us right outside the sliding glass door because there is a lotus pond (mosquito breeding ground) adjacent to the glass door. There are 2 bathrooms – one is located inside the master bedroom and one is located near the pool. The bathroom near the pool has a shower that is meant for the pool and is not as nice as the master bathroom. Our family of 4 avoid using the "pool" bathroom because you have to leave the house and fight off the mosquitoes on your way to the "pool bathroom". This is problematic because the one bathroom inside the house is inside the master bedroom and this bathroom does not have a door. Every time someone needs to use the master bathroom, we have to vacate the master bedroom as well. If someone needs to use the master bathroom in the middle of the night, turning on the light will also illuminate the master bedroom. The water pressure for the shower in the master bathroom is very weak. We don’t look forward to a refreshing shower after a long walk around town because of the water pressure. The bedrooms outside have transparent curtains in one and no curtains in the other. This means waking up with the sun.

This is a beautiful house with everything you need! It is very well located and the service "Remixo" were very attentive to our needs. The master room is great with an amazing bathroom, double vanities, big shower and a tub, the room is big with great closet space, the other 2 rooms are outside the main house with the bathroom which feels more like a pool bathroom, one of the rooms you have to go up some metal stairs and it has no curtains, so if you need to use the bathroom at night is not very convenient for either of the 2 rooms outside, the floor outside these 2 rooms is very slippery if it rains so I had to put some towels… I didn’t feel it was fare to split the bill equally between the 3 parties because the master room was much better than the other 2.

The pool is very nice although we didn’t use it. The house has a beautiful and huge patio with a big table and a hammock. The patio is super enjoyable, I had my coffee there in the morning, took a siesta in the hammock while listening to the local birds sing… We also use the patio to gather with family in the big table…